OVO Fest 2017: What You Missed

August 13, 2017

If you know anything about Drake, you know he’s from Toronto and you know he loves his city.  That’s why every year he brings great music to Toronto for his OVO Fest, and the eighth annual OVO Fest last week was no exception.

“I’m gonna let you know, this is my favorite night of the year,” he told the audience in attendance. “Because it’s not about the fact that I get to perform, or any of that; it’s about the fact that we get to celebrate the love that each and every one of you has shown us… When I first came here, I had an idea to start a festival, and a lot of people told me I was crazy. And here we are at the eighth annual OVO Fest, and thank you.”

Perhaps the most obvious sign of Drizzy’s love for Toronto came in the form of a massive replica of the CN Tower, a major landmark in Toronto that’s also featured on the cover of his album Views.

“I called 19 companies to build me a CN Tower and they all said ‘no,’ and then I called the 20th!” said Drake to the crowd as he explained how he could possibly have this replica on stage with him.

Drake further stressed his dedication to Toronto and to OVO Fest by revealing to the crowd that he pays for it “out of my own pocket. I don’t make any money tonight. I pay about double what it costs to put this show on and I just want to let you know I’ve been here eight years in a row just for you.”

By you, Drake meant, “the best motherf–king fans in the world, clearly.”  He continued to say, “We have the best music in the world; we’ve got the best people in the world; we’ve got the most multi-cultural city in the world, and we have the best place on earth,”

While we don’t know exactly what Drake meant by the best music in the world, we can assume some of what he was alluding to was probably the music of acts like Migos, French Montana, Travis Scott. Playboi Carti, Rae Sremmurd, Cardi B, Masjid Jordan, Roy Woods, PartyNextDoor, and now friend Tory Lanez.

“Look, I want every young person in this building to just look at what’s happening on this stage and please take this as an example in your life,” Drake preached to the crowd before he brought out Lanez.  “I want you to understand something — see me and this guy right here, we had problems with each other; we had never even met each other. I met the man — and he’s a great guy. So I want you to make some noise for somebody who’s carrying the city on his back all across the motherf–king world.”

But Tory Lanez wasn’t the only artist that got a super personal welcome to the stage from Drake.

“This is just one of my favorite artists, that broke boundaries and really was one of the first people to let me know that it’s okay to do what I do, which is when you rap you can sing, and when you sing you can rap, as long as there’s a hit on the fuckin’ record.”  And that’s when Drake surprised the crowd and brought out Nelly, who performed “E.I.”  “Country Grammar,” “Ride Wit Me” and “Hot In Herre.”

Drake was also enthusiastic for the Weeknd’s performance.“Make some noise for the King of Queen Street,” Drake announced.  “He’s one of the most legendary cats I’ve ever met, on his way to becoming one of the biggest superstars on the whole f–kin’ planet.”

And after the Weeknd finished his set, Drake didn’t let him go until after he told him he thought it was time for an XO-OVO project.

The night wrapped with Drake performing his own set, but it was more than just his music that left the crowd talking after the show.

“I’m about to go back to making this new album in Toronto just for you,” he told his hometown. “I will see you next year. I go by the name of Drake. It’s the OVO Sound ting for life.”  Then, he just dropped his mic and walked off the stage, leaving us all wondering when we’re going to get that new album.

-Roxy R. (@roxyrappaport)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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