Festival Recap: Tomorrowland Highlights

August 2, 2017

Festival season is in full swing, my friends. From rock to EDM, it seems like every weekend has a new festival in a new location where people are completely enjoying the music. These past two weekends happened to be Tomorrowland Belgium.

Tomorrowland is an EDM festival, held every year in Bloom, Belgium. This years’ festival was July 21st-23rd and July 28th-30th. The first Tomorrowland Festival was held in 2005, and has steadily grown since then. Since it’s creation, Tomorrowland has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most notable/recognized music festivals, and has expanded to different festivals in other places as well – Brazil that happens in April, and TomorrowWorld, which happens in the US at the end of September.

But there is a reason that the original Tomorrowland is the most popular. The festival hosted over 400,000 people this year, and has grown from a one day festival, to a two weekend festival, similar to other huge festivals like Electric Forest or Coachella. The first year hosted artists like, Armin van Buuren, Cor Flineman, and Coone.

This year, Tomorrowland hosted over 200 artists, and 15 stages. Tomorrowland is not messing around. The festival draws attendees from all over the world, and is a melting pot of all types of people. The theme for this year was “Amicorum Spectaculum” and the headliners included nearly every major DJ ruling the scene right now, as well as a ton of great up-and-coming ones as well. Some of the festival’s headliner’s included: Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Marshmello, and Cosmic Gate. The theme was incredibly well thought out and planned – it seemed to combine a vintage carnival aesthetic with a little bit of steam punk to get the incredible look and feel for the festival. It’s not what you would expect for an EDM festival, so I think that is what makes it really special and unique. There is a big focus on the experience with Tomorrowland, and I believe the theme is one of those major factors.

Although watching the festival afterwards isn’t nearly as cool as going, I think it is really great that Tomorrowland puts up a lot of the sets/parts of sets on their website for people to watch afterwards. I’ve had a chance to watch a few of them myself, and damn, they are insane. You can tell that everyone there is having an amazing time – artists and attendees alike. It’s just a giant party in the best way possible, and it’s incredible.

I’ll admit, I don’t attend many festivals, but I think this is a great one and is one of the best in the world for a reason. From the incredible lineup and location, to the crazy amount of people, Tomorrowland Belgium is definitely not one to miss.

Were you at Tomorrowland this year? Do you plan to go next year? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @weknowtheDJ!

-Tara Howell (@taraisntpunk)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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