Music For A Cause: LA Pride

June 15, 2017

There isn’t much more that I love than the music community coming together for something good. Whether that is artists using their voices for change, fans rallying together to help their own, or the music community just bringing together people in un-paralleled ways – I think the way the music community can come together is absolutely incredible.

A perfect example of this is LA Pride, who ended this year’s LA Pride week with a music festival. LA Pride this year was June 5th-11th. This year’s pride included LA Sparks Pride Night & Women’s Party, LGBT Night at Dodger Stadium, #ResistMarch, and the LA Pride Festival. LA Pride hosted the LA Pride Festival, to celebrate the Los Angeles’ LGBTQ+ communities and continue to fight for equality, and using the end of the weekend to celebrate each other with music. This year’s Festival was hosted at West Hollywood Park, and had 3 stages – the Park Main Stage, the Plaza Latin Stage, and the BLVD Hip Hop Stage and took place on Saturday and SUnday. Some notable acts included: Chromeo, Kat Dahlia, Aaron Carter, Brandy, and Brooke Candy. Each artist or group that performed brought an intense and powerful set, bringing people together from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The diversity in people was shown through the diversity of music represented at the event – it was really everything you could ever want. It was a party to celebrate each other, and the progress, but also to celebrate the room to grow and the gains that still need to be made. Doesn’t matter who you are – love is love, and that was what was important.

Sunday was the #ResistMarch, where more than 30,000 marched from Hollywood and Highland to West Hollywood. The annual pride parade was replaced with the #ResistMarch because of the constriction in West Hollywood, but that didn’t stop anyone. After the march, there was a rally where celebrities and notable leaders spoke. The emphasis was on unity and not division – diversity is the strength in this case. We are all different, but we are all human, and we should use that in our favor! And after that, back to the music, where the LA Pride events officially ended.

Let’s use moments and events like this to remind us to love each other, no matter our differences. It’s important that we look out for each other, because we are all human after all. And I think this moment is perfectly summed up by Nalani & Sarina in their song ‘We Are Free’ – “I don’t care if you love her or you love him. I don’t care if you’re somewhere in between – because on this road we’re walking, together we’ll be free.” Lets walk together and love each other.

-Tara Howell (@taraisntpunk)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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