Justin Bieber and David Guetta Team Up for New Single ‘2U’

June 9, 2017

Well, summer just got even hotter!

Justin Bieber and David Guetta dropped their new single “2U,” and it’s just as good as everyone anticipated. Earlier in the week, Bieber began posting snippets of Victoria’s Secret models dancing to the song to raise the hype, and, maybe I’m biased, but boy, is the song worth the hype.

Though Bieber has not released an album since Purpose in 2015, he continues to deliver when it comes to dance-inducing singles and getting an insane amount of radio play. Seriously, this is about to be everywhere. Prepare your radios.

Bieber already has two songs on the charts right now, one being his remix of the hit song “Despacito” and the other his collaboration with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this new song quickly and easily joins them. He has mastered exactly when to invade our ears every summer.

In an interview with MTV, David Guetta explained that a song like this is right up his alley, which is essentially romantic lyrics and a beat that makes you want to get up and dance in the mist of your strong emotions. “I like making the people dance, but with a tear in their eyes,” he said.

He further shared that the collaboration evolved through a mutual friend, Jason Boyd, better known as Poo Bear, who has worked with Justin on numerous projects, including Purpose. According to Guetta, Poo Bear completely surprised him by getting Bieber on board.

“He gave me the surprise that he’d played the song to Justin without telling me, and then, one day, he said, ‘David, check out this email, I have a surprise for you.’ So I’m like, ‘okay,’ and he had asked Justin to record the song,” David said in the interview.

Whether it happened by surprise or not, I’m sure I’m not the only one thrilled that this collaboration came to be. I know it will sound even better through the speakers of my car this summer, at least until I tire myself out by playing it every second of everyday.

The song starts with a verse in which Bieber lists everything he would go through for his significant other, singing, “No limit in the sky that I won’t fly for ya. No amount of tears in my eyes that I won’t cry for ya.” He would even climb mountains and share the air that he breathes.

The beat drop is loud (I won’t lie, I had my volume up way too loudly the first time I heard it) and a part that I really enjoy. A lot of times, I anticipate an epic beat drop, only to be let down, so I was pleasantly surprised upon hearing this one. Bieber sings, “When it comes to you / There’s no crime / Let’s take both of our souls / And intertwine / When it comes to you / Don’t be blind / Watch me speak from my heart / When it comes to you, comes to you.”

The second verse is just as cutesy as the first, with Bieber singing about Cupid’s arrows, opening one’s mind to love and sharing a life with someone else. It adds to the already established fun, upbeat and love-based theme.

Overall, I know everyone will be dancing the night away to this song soon enough. I’ve already beat them to it.

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-Nisa Ayral (@nisaayral)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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