Bryson Tiller Remains ‘True To Self’ with 1st #1 Album on Billboard Charts

June 12, 2017

Yes: I’m well aware of how corny the title of this article is, but what’s the fun, without a pun? …He does it again…FOCUS Norm. Okay; Bryson Tiller just dropped his second album, “True To Self,” and as expected; people are LOVING it. Bryson Tiller became a household name after his breakout song, “don’t,” infiltrated every radio station on Earth, and solidifying his spot among the most talented artists in the game, today!

No wonder this guy’s taking over the charts; you can’t release a song like that, and not follow up with some absolute heat! By the way, Bryson, if you’re reading this, I fully authorize you to title your next album, “Absolute Heat.” After the first few listens of “True To Self,” it became evident to me, that Mr. Tiller has NO intent to become pigeonholed in the R&B space, as this album incorporates several trap anthems, accompanied by some impressive rap infused tracks, that will assuredly, become anthems by…next week, at the pace that Bryson’s going!

Some of my favorite cuts from the album include, “Rain On Me,” “Don’t Get Too High,” “We Both Know,” and “Somethin Tells Me.” Now I would continue to list my favorite tracks from this album, but we’d be here all night, and while I’d love to continue sharing my favorites with you, unfortunately, Camp Rock 2’s on, and you know…priorities. With True To Self, Bryson is poised to takeover the airwaves in the best way possible, and the attention that the album’s been receiving comes on the heels of an early release, when Bryson decided to drop the album weeks ahead of the initial announcement date, with a tweet:

For a 24-year old, you really can’t expect much more of a boss move than that; and if “True To Self,” is any indication of the future production of Bryson’s albums to come; this is only just the beginning! I mean, you tell me if you only pressed once on the play button below, and were able to go on with the rest f=of your day:

Exactly. There’s something about an artist who is so seemingly thankful, to be in the position that he’s in, and when it comes to Bryson Tiller, I think DJ Khaled could learn a few things from the young buck on how to truly be, “Grateful!” …see what I did there? Khaled’s album isn’t even out yet, and I’m already getting punny with it!

Nevertheless; do yourself a favor and take my word for it: True To Self is an absolute MONSTER of an album, and in honor of iTunes Appreciation Month (totally made that up), please support good music, and download Bryson’s album, TODAY!

As always, don’t forget to tweet us @WeKnowTheDJ, and let us know what your favorite songs from the album were! Don’t let this Summer go by, without a little help from Mr. Tiller’s finest project to date! Did you catch that “don’t” pun that I just went with? It’s okay…maybe next time, I’ll be assigned to write about One Direction, and THEN maybe you’ll be able to catch on! …One Direction…”write”…does that one count? Okay, I’m gonna go now!

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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