Travis Scott Drops Off 3 New Reasons To Love This Summer!

May 20, 2017

You guys are so NEEDY these days! Didn’t I just give you some music to kickoff your Summer?! I hope you all had a great week, and still have some room on that playlist for some BRAND NEW HEAT from Travis Scott! Three new songs, to be specific! I can’t stress enough, how much each of these songs deserve to be played on the loudest, most bass-pumping, neighbor-disrupting speakers you have access to, to fully appreciate them.

Green & Purple (Feat. Playboi Carti)

Leading off the three-pack, is a massive head-knocker, produced by Sevn Thomas. I promise to pay for the windows in your car that will inevitably, be blown out after playing this at an absurd volume.

Butterfly Effect

Hiyooo! Dare I say, the second offering is equally as head-noddable? (Hey Norm, “Head-noddable”’s for sure, not a word!) Travis’ “Butterfly Effect,” comes in hot, laced over an instrumental by the great, Murda Beatz, sure to rattle your parents’ mini-van on the way to pick up your little sister and her youth soccer team, on the way to Sunday’s game. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe don’t play this one for the little ones, or at least have their parents sign a permission slip before being allowed to carpool with little Stacey with the “cool Mom.” I’m not going to lie…I just read that little tangent back to myself and completely understand why you guys probably check out after the first paragraph of my articles….at least, I HOPE you donothing good comes after the first paragraph, with me…ANYWAY, “Butterfly Effect,” bumps equally as much as “Green & Purple,” so don’t skip it!

A Man

Lastly, “A Man,” rounds out the Scott trifecta, to eager ears, who wouldn’t have settled on just two Travis Scott heaters, and yet again, we discover that Mr. Scott can just do no wrong. Produced by Southside, “A Man,” gives off some serious throwback, house party vibes, which reminds me…isn’t it the weekend? What are we still doing here?! Go out and roll around in the grass, or climb a mountain! Just make sure that when you’ve chosen whichever adventure for the next few days, that you have your earbuds in, playing Travis’ latest offerings, which are heavy indicators that his forthcoming album, AstroWorld, is going to be “out of this” world. I genuinely tried to make a clever, quippy, play-on-words there, but when you go for it with phrases that don’t match the phrase exactly, the intended puns fail, and you end up having to explain yourself, and where you were attempting to go comedically with said, failed, pun. Guys, I’m rambling again…

Have an awesome weekend, and be sure to tweet us @WeKnowTheDJ and let us know which one of Travis’ latest offerings, is your favorite! Also, send us any songs that might not be on our radar, and you may find that it winds up cracking one of our future lists!

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow.

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