WeKnowTheNominees: We’ve Got You Covered For The 2017 Billboard Music Awards!

April 11, 2017

Is anyone else secretly hoping that Billboard has Warren Beatty on the show to present the award for, “Best New Artist,” and he gives it to like, Eminem or John Legend? No….just me? Is it really too soon to crack Warren Beatty jokes? “Oh but Norman, it wasn’t even his fault, he was handed the wrong enve–,” whatever dude; we need more comedy in the world today, now more than ever, and after his performance a few weeks back, Warren has easily become my go to guy in the laughs department. Oh geez, ol’ Sidetrack Sally pulled into the station again…pull it together, Norm!! We’re here to talk nominees!

The nominees for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards were just announced, and it’s safe to say…there aren’t many surprises here, folks! Towering over the competition with an impressive 22 nominations, are two acts that accompany many of us on our daily commutes to (and from) work, in the shower, and at the club: Mr. Aubrey “Drake” Graham, and The Chainsmokers. If radio play is any indication of the results to come, lookout for these guys to absolutely dominate the field! However, don’t set anything in stone just yet, as the list of nominees also includes other insanely gifted music industry mavericks (“I Like That” – DJ Khaled) that include: Rihanna, 21 Pilots, Beyonce, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and many more. I look forward to seeing who brings home the “W” for Top Male and Female Artist, as well as Top R&B Artist. You would think with a year like Bruno Mars is having, he should run the table for everything that he’s nominated for…I mean come…on…

He made driving a cartoon vehicle look better than a Scorsese movie!! In all seriousness, I find that the Billboard Music Awards tend to become more exciting when categories for best individual song (across all genres) begin to be announced, because we’re all forced to be reminded of how many absolute jams have blessed all of your ears with over the past few years! What I’m basically saying is: the Billboard Music Awards, which outwardly seeming like your typical, run of the mill, award show, is actually a celebration of me, and serves merely as a reminder of my importance in your lives! So do yourself a favor, as May 21st comes Closer…do  yourself a favor and Don’t Let Me Down, by forgetting to set your DVR’s. At the end of the day, your friends won’t kick you out of their apartment if the performances run long, as they know This Is What You Came For! Finally, if you feel yourself getting a bit sleepy as the show goes on, just splash your face with some Cold Water and return to your seat in time to see DJ Snake and Justin Bieber compete for “Top Dance/Electronic Song,” with Let Me Love You!

Listen; there have been MANY articles that I’ve written over the years where I’ve been an open book with you all, shamelessly letting you into this silly head of mine, but I ask that you do me all a favor and forgo the paragraph that precedes this one. My corniness knows absolutely  no bounds. But if there were anything that I actually would want you to take away from this, it would be to tune into the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on May 21st at 8PM (EST) on ABC, and to tweet us @WeKnowTheDJ to let us know how you feel about this year’s contenders!
I’m gonna go now…I need some new material, and as I continue to write this, I just Can’t Stop the Feeling to keep the cheesiness alive! …You almost made it out of this one with your dignity, Norm…almost

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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