Ariana Grande’s Dangerously Pleasing New Tour

March 3, 2017

Ariana Grande is back on the road and more dangerous than ever. After kicking off her Dangerous Woman Tour on Feb. 2 in Phoenix, Ariz., she has been blazing (literally, the stage erupts into flames during her hit single “Dangerous Woman”) through cities ever since. Grande had mentioned before the tour started that she would sing the entire album, and to her fans’ satisfaction, she remained true to her word.

Grande’s Honeymoon Tour was a cute tour, much more closely resembling her innocent Yours Truly days. However, things have certainly taken a turn with her current tour, which is jam-packed with sexy visuals, songs and dances. Honestly, it’s a turn for the better! It is only fitting considering Grande, in terms of style, for example, has also become a lot edgier. As she grows, it makes sense that her music and tours would grow with her.

Before she takes the stage, fans enjoy performances by the two opening acts: British girl-group Little Mix and singer-songwriter, and friend of Grande, Victoria Monet. After a 10 minute long countdown, she opens with “Be Alright,” a song she has deemed as one of her favorites time after time because of its message that hard times are conquerable. The choreography, gentle and filled with voguing, that accompanies this song is a beautiful sight to watch. This song is followed by “Everyday,” “Bad Decisions” and “Let Me Love You.”

As the show continues, she begins to switch between singing old and new songs (for example, going from “Knew Better / Forever Boy” to “One Last Time”). Speaking of old songs, those Yours Truly have unfortunately been retired this tour, except for when Grande decides to spontaneously add songs. Though I know everyone misses fan-favorites “Honeymoon Avenue” and “Tattooed Heart,” this new setlist seems to still be welcomed with open arms…or ears.

One thing that has not changed since the Yours Truly and My Everything eras is Grande’s love for her fans. Numerous times throughout the show, she takes time to sing directly to fans, crouch down to touch hands and blow kisses.

Props and outfits really add to the overall experience. Everyone ironically grabs handfuls of fake money as it showers down towards the end of “Greedy.” Huge pink balloons fall from above. Lasers make the arena grow various neon colors. Dancers swing lightsaber-like lights back and forth.

Grande is unapologetically a feminist, promoting the idea that women are “dangerous” in that they are fierce and unstoppable risk-takers. Grande, a small woman with a big voice, preaches this nonstop, constantly taking to social media to spread awareness on social issues such as objectification, misogyny and body shaming. Her extremely moving and arguably most powerful visual is one that highlights exactly this. Words such as “gentle,” “sexy,” “ladylike,”  “gentle,” “strong,” “female,” and most importantly, “not asking for it” appear on the big screen along with Grande in a leotard.  By this, she stresses that women are never asking for sexual harassment of any kind, and thus, we have the meaning behind Dangerous Woman.

The show comes to a fiery close as she takes the stage, which begins to shoot up flames from different places, in a huge, black latex dress to sing her first single from the album and the start of it all: “Dangerous Woman.”

If you already have tickets to see Ariana Grande this tour, you’re certainly in for a treat! If you don’t currently plan on attending, I highly encourage you to! Find tickets here.

-Nisa Ayral (@nisaayral)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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