WeKnowTheFestivals: Looping You In On LoopTopia!

February 5, 2017

Friends! Now I’ve always been honest with you all, and I don’t intend on stopping today, so when I say that the name of Taiwan’s first annual EDM festival (“LoopTopia”) is not my favorite, I don’t mean to offend anyone, because many of the artists on the lineup are absolutely my favorite!

LoopTopia is expected to run from April 8-9, 2017, and encompass several stages, like most of it’s predecessors in the festival world! However, what we’re most excited for, is how festivalgoers will be treated to multiple genres of electronic music to make you seamlessly transition from, “shaking It like a salt-shaker,” to “slowing it down like a slow loris!” I say that to say, you may be standing in line to grab your twelfth adult beverage (if you’re of age, of course…sorry Mom) when you hear Martin Garrix dropping absolute heat, all “in the name of love.” Then, as soon as you get back to your sliver of grass adjacent to the stage, someone may hand you an absurd amount of glow sticks, while moving like the penguins in Happy Feet to a set by Kryder.

My point is, with so many different types of artists lending a hand in breaking in a new festival, you’re bound to have the time of your life. If I still haven’t convinced you to book your flight to Taiwan, hop on Google Images, and checkout the Taoyuan Pushin Ranch for yourself, and let me know if your feelings may have changed.

Now look; at the end of the day, I could verbally twist your arm, and attempt to guilt trip you into buying a ticket for the festival, but what kind of friend to you would I be, if that were the case? I merely want you to have a great time, and experience our old pal, Dimitri in person. What’s that? Dimitri who…? Oh, you poor baby, let me jog your memory:

Oh geeeeeez, I shouldn’t have pressed play again…Seriously though friends, don’t miss out on the Taiwanese adventure of a lifetime that will include sets by Markus Schulz, Seven Lions, Wildstylez, G.T.A and so many more artists guaranteed to validate your decision to attend.

If you are planning on heading out to LoopTopia Festival, please be sure to tweet all pictures and videos to @WeKnowTheDJ, and let us know who you’re most excited to see perform! As always, have a great weekend, and please don’t forget to support our family member, DJ Mo Beatz, and pick up your copy of Big Sean’s NEW ALBUM, ‘I Decided, NOW!

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

Feature Image By Leslie Crow

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