Videos Helped The Radio Star: Ed Sheeran’s New Videos

February 1, 2017

A few weeks ago I wrote about the release of Ed Sheeran’s new singles, “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape of You” (you can check the post out here!). Well, I am excited to be back writing about the new music videos for the songs, released recently.

I’m personally a big fan of music videos, and I feel when they are done right, they can really compliment a song. In proper Ed Sheeran fashion, the songs are fantastic, but so are the music videos. In the age of digital content and the internet, I think a great music video can grab the attention of the listener and viewer, and emphasize how great the song is, instead of distracting from it. When music videos originally started, the music video was so important that it almost overshadowed the music. It was all about the production and creativity of the video so that sometimes the music got lost in it all. But now I believe there is a much better balance, and there is amazing craftsmanship for the songs and the videos. Both are great visual representations and interpretations of the songs. My personal favorite is “Castle On The Hill”, because I like that song better, but the “Shape of You” video is equally amazing.

The “Castle On The Hill” video is perfect, and as my friend Lauren says, I really think Ed Sheeran can do no wrong. The video is a composite of all of the images detailed in the song. When I first heard the song, I almost thought of it as an ode to the past, and a nostalgic or reminiscing song about Ed’s past. (Shout out to the teenage Ed in the video!) The video does exactly that – creating images of the lines in the song, and creating the full experience with the cohesion between the imagery in the song, and the imagery created in the video. I can’t exactly put into words what I feel when I listen to the song, but it makes me think of my past, and grateful for the memories that I have made with friends. It’s about being young, maybe a bit dumb, making a lot of memories, and learning a lot of lessons. It’s real. It’s a hard feeling to describe, but it definitely makes me happy to be alive. It’s powerful that a song and music video can do all of this.

The “Shape Of You” video is a bit more interpretive in it’s relation to the song, but still equally as good and really compliments the song. The video shows Ed Sheeran as a boxer, and the video follows him and his fellow boxer and love interest. I’m definitely here for seeing Ed as a boxer. Not what I expected, but it was amazing. You’re going to have to watch to see what happens in the end! It is such a cute video in a unconventional way, and I think the story throughout the video is very well done.

I think both videos are great for pretty different reasons, but both make me very excited to hear Ed’s new album, and to see new music videos.

What do you think of the videos? Which one do you prefer? Excited for Ed Sheeran’s new music? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @weknowtheDJ!

-Tara Howell (@taraisntpunk)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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