Martin Garrix: Unstoppable

February 5, 2017

Does Martin Garrix ever sleep?  I don’t know how he could possibly find the time, in between playing countless festivals and shows, traveling the world, and constantly releasing new music.

Last week, during an Instagram livestream, Garrix teased fans with untitled and unfinished new tunes that will hopefully transform into his next single.

Garris explained that the song is “just a rough first idea.  I have a drop, but I’m not happy with the drop.”

He might not be happy with the drop, but I definitely approve of the beats behind this song.  The song is different than a lot of the recent music that Martin Garrix has released and seems to be more reminiscent of his older hits that had a more festival edge.  In other words, it feels less pop and more EDM.

This new music preview came just days after Martin Garrix his new single “Scared to be Lonely” with Dua Lipa along with the video for the song.  The song is already climbing the charts all over Europe and following behind Garrix’s other single, “In the Name of Love” with Bebe Rexha.

The success of “In the Name of Love” definitely kept Garrix busy the last few months.  The song solidified Martin Garrix as a household name as it became his first Top 40 hit, reached number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and earned him his first opportunity to perform on Jimmy Fallon.

While “In the Name of Love” may have been Garrix’s step into the world of pop world, it was followed by an acknowledgment from the DJ world that he is truly one of the biggest names in music as he was named the winner DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll.  At 20 years old, Garrix is the youngest person ever to receive this award proving that his fan base is both massive in reach and hugely loyal.

It seems like winning such a prestigious award in the DJ world has only pushed Garrix to do more.  On top of all of the new music he’s been releasing, he is also going to co-star in the documentary “What We Started”.  The documentary is set to chronicle the 30 year history of EDM by highlighting Garrix’s career in turn with the career of Carl Cox, one of EDM’s founders.  While Cox’s career is meant to represent the origins of the EDM scene, Garrix’s career is meant to highlight the present.

Martin Garrix truly is the present in the entirety of the DJ world.  He’s released a lot of music and achieved a lot of success so far, but it looks like it’s only the beginning for Martin Garrix.


-Roxy R.

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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