WeKnowTheDiamonds: WKTDJ x Diamond’s New Collection!

February 27, 2017

 “On Saturday, the greatest brand collaboration in history will be released to the world in epic fashion, and will undeniably be well-received, worldwide.” – Meryl Streep (probably).

Well shucks, Meryl, now we’re blushing! But seriously friends: Saturday was awesome. The Diamond Supply Co. and WeKnowTheDJ joined forces in Hollywood’s iconic fashion district on N. Fairfax at The Diamond Supply Co.’s flagship location, to release this year’s most highly anticipated collection!

A few members of the WKTDJ team, and I,  stopped by the release, to show love to our boys, DJ Tay James & DJ Mo Beatz! As expected, there was an incredible turnout for collection’s launch, that included star-studded appearances from Ryan Silverstein of Drake’s OVO crew, DJ Alizay, Nicky Diamonds, oh…and this guy:

Tay & Bieber

Justin stopped by to show love to Tay, and left with some quality gear to rock at the remaining Purpose Tour shows! Seeing these two together, having supported each other along the way for so long, was amazing to see, and energized the event, even more than anticipated!

As we wandered around the event, we were treated to a special open bar, sponsored by Don Julio Tequila (Drink responsibly, kids!), a sushi and chicken kebob bar, as well as live music being spun by the team’s own, DJ Mo Beatz! I have to admit, that seeing the “WKTDJ” lettering scattered across people’s shirts, hoodies and hats, in addition to the ends of every display in each aisle, gave me a greater sense of pride, to have represented the brand for over three years now. Here are images of the collection’s offering thus far; can you guess which item I bought?

Diamond Knows The Dj
Dude, how did you know I bought the black hoodie?! Furthermore friends, I know what you’re all thinking right now…and the answer is yes, I look great in it. However, in all seriousness; just because you were unable to attend Saturday’s event, doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on this heat! Please head over to The Diamond Supply Co. Website and help to support and grow the brand, that is pushing boundaries and exploring all possible avenues to take over the world. We want your child’s pre-school teacher to KnowTheDJ. Unfortunately, the only thing that we can’t promise, is that upon ordering online, you’ll receive a special visit like this:

Tay & Bieber

As always, don’t forget to tweet us @WeKnowTheDJ and let us know which item(s) from the collection that you plan on purchasing, and wearing with pride to your next book club reading, underwater basket-weaving session and knitting circle.

Taylor, on behalf of the entire WeKnowTheDJ staff, we congratulate you on the release of such a collection, years in the making, and are proud to continue watching, and contributing, to the growth of a brand that we are so very proud of. Although stated repeatedly, we are honored to KnowTheDJ.

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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