The Chainsmokers’ Smoking New Announcements

February 2, 2017

If it’s what the fans want, it’s what the fans get. The Chainsmokers made it clear that if their fans wanted them to release an album, their wish would be granted. After their hit-single “Closer” dominated the charts, it seems people could not help but want more. Though there is no set-in-stone release date, they announced on Jan. 30 that their debut album is on its way after Coldplay spilled the beans.

But what would a new album be without an accompanying tour announcement? Their 2017 arena tour, know as the Memories: Do Not Open Tour, kicks off in April and consists of 40 dates throughout North America. The duo has taken to social media to brag about their new production. In addition, Kiiara and Emily Warren will accompany them on the road as opening acts.

Check out the tour announcement and dates below (and keep in mind that if you buy tickets, you get a free album!).

-Nisa Ayral (@nisaayral)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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