Redemption for 2017: New Music from Ed Sheeran

January 7, 2017

New music from Ed Sheeran?! It seems the entirety of the internet is freaking out about this, and I can really see why. After the turbulence that was 2016, I think everyone is really excited for Ed Sheeran’s comeback. Ed took some time off from basically the whole world to write and record this album. His return was a much needed positive note to start the year, as Ed is a non-problematic fave and such a light of sunshine.

On December 13th, he tweeted a photo that was just a solid blue color, and the internet went crazy. After basically a year off Twitter, the comeback was a surprise to everyone. On January 1st, he tweeted a video saying that new music would be coming on January 6th.

Since then, there have been little hints about the new album. We don’t have a release date yet, but we can assume it will be called ÷,  following the trend of some of his previous, + and x. This will be Ed Sheeran’s third full length album.

On Friday January 6th, Ed dropped not one, but TWO new singles off his upcoming album. The singles, “Castle on the Hill”, and “Shape Of You” are a bit of a departure from his acoustic folk roots, but you can definitely still hear that influence.


“Castle on the Hill” makes me feel a bit nostalgic and reminiscent of good memories. I feel like I’ll listen to this song while on long drives with friends. It’s seriously what I describe as a “windows down on a sunny day” type of song. It just makes me feel good.

“Shape Of You” is the catchy jam that I know is going to be stuck in my head for WEEKS. The production value for these songs is a lot higher than some of Sheeran’s previous releases, as it is more than just him and his guitar, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing by any means. I think the two new singles offer a nice variety of sound, and show the growth in sound and style.

If this is any indication of how good his new album will be, I surely won’t be disappointed. I think this is a really positive (math pun anyone?!) direction for Sheeran, and I think the new album will be fantastic. I’ve been a casual listener since one of my roommates introduced me to a few of her favorite songs last year, but I think this album may make me a really big fan.

What do you think of the new singles? Are you excited for the new album? Let us know on Twitter @weknowtheDJ!

-Tara Howell (@taraisntpunk)

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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