Live From WeKnowTheDJ: It’s SNL’s Top 10 Performances!

January 26, 2017

WeKnowTheDJ: It's SNL's Top 10 Performances!

What a year we’re having, friends! No…no…I’m not about to jumping into a passive-aggressive, politically charged rant, or anything, so let me specify: what a year in performances we’re having on Saturday Night Live! Now, to those of you now plotting ways to make me seem foolish by saying, “Dude Norman…it’s 2017 bro, so technically aren’t you referring to last year and this year?” I say, ToMAYtoe, ToMAHtoe. We here at WeKnowTheDJ are merely celebrating this SEASON’s best performances, and hope that this article will get you back in front of your television sets for quality entertainment on Saturday nights, going forward! What am I 74 years old saying, “television sets?” Anyway, here are some of our favorite performances from this season of SNL so far:

The Weeknd’s Performance of “False Alarm”

This is just one of those songs that you can tell, people were definitely rocking out to in Studio 8H. It also didn’t hurt that my baby Margot Robbie was the host, that night…Moving along, now…

Twenty One Pilots’ Performance of “Heathens”

Song has been DOMINATING the radio all year, so seeing it backed by the live band made this performance special.

Bruno Mars’ Charged Performance of “24K Magic”

Do I even need to defend this one? Dude could make me dance in the DMV. Dude, and absolutely NOTHING could make me dance in that place, so props BrunDoggy.

A Tribe Called Quest’s “We The People”

Just pure, nostalgic, dopeness. Still playing this one back.

Shawn Mendes’ Solemn Performance of “Mercy”

Another one of those standout performances, just highlighting a talented artist, poised to take over your radio for years to come. Dude crushed this.

Maren Morris’ Performance of “My Church”

Soulful performances just get to young Norman Earl, man…I’m pretty sure my roommate thought I was auditioning for Happy Feet 3, when he saw me grooving out to this one.

Chance The Rapper’s Holiday Performance of “Finish Line/Drown”

Did you even question whether this would crack the list or not? Chance for President.

The XX’s Performance of “On Hold”

I was unfamiliar with The XX, until that fateful Saturday night in November, when I was introduced to one of the most unique bands around. This particular performance was a pleasant surprise.

Lady Gaga’s Electric Performance of “A-YO”

I chose this performance solely for how hype my boy Hanks was, introducing Ms. Gaga to the stage. Okay…the performance was equally as tight…

Big Sean (and our very own, Mo Beatz!)’s Performance of “Bounce Back”

We can’t tell you how dope it was seeing our very own, DJ Mo Beatz up the Studio 8H stage, taking care of business with Sean Don. Were you even surprised? WeKnowTheDJ is poised to takeover the world in 2017, but just decided to begin with Saturday Night Live!

Why are you guys still here…can’t you count? That’s ten…I’m exhausted…Finish out the week strong, friends! Don’t forget to Tweet us @WeKnowTheDJ and let us know what some of YOUR favorite performances this season have been!

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

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