John Mayer and his “Search for Everything”

January 29, 2017

John Mayer has taken a break from playing alongside some of rock-and-roll’s biggest legends as a part of Dead and Company to remind that he is also a talented solo musician.

Last week, on January 20th, John Mayer released his new EP, The Search for Everything: Wave One.  The four songs released in this EP are just a taste of what’s to come in the near future for Mayer.  Apparently, after a four year hiatus from new music which included countless hours in the studio, Mayer has too much for just one album.  According to a post from him on his Facebook page, he has too many new songs to get out in just one push.

From just one listen to the songs, it’s apparent that John Mayer spent a lot of time reflecting on his life as he wrote this music.  The songs seem tell the story of a man who is trying to get over a woman, who seems to have affected him deeply, by changing who he is and moving on with new relationships.  Despite the cliché nature of the story, the lyrics of his songs are anything but that.  Instead, they’re deeply honest and appear to reveal a more vulnerable John Mayer.

The music behind the lyrics of these songs is uncomplicated the majority of it just a couple of guitars or a piano.  Yet the music is not simple and continues to showcase that besides being a good singer, Mayer is a talented instrumentalist and musician.

Despite this EP revealing a deeply reflective and more mature John Mayer, there was one point where I was reminded of the singer-songwriter from the past.  As the first few beats from “You’re Going to Live Forever in Me” played, I was reminded of Mayer’s song “Dreaming With a Broken Heart”.  However, as the song continued, it became more reminiscent of “I’m Gonna Find Another You”.

After this revelation, it became clear to me what was missing from this EP.  There was no song that was undoubtedly catchy.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like each of these four songs and can appreciate the musicality of each of them, but they all seem to belong on a “chill” playlist.  They don’t have that element that makes you have a song stuck in your head for weeks or forces you to play it on repeat until your friends can’t take it anymore.

Despite that, I still think The Search for Everything: Wave One is a great EP.  The honesty behind the lyrics that Mayer has written expose him and make him vulnerable.  It takes courage to reveal such candid thoughts the way that Mayer has in his lyrics, and I can’t help but respect that and thus, his music as well.

And, hey, maybe his next batch of new music will have that hit song I’m looking for.  Looks like only time will tell…



–  Roxy Rappaport

Featured Image by Leslie Crow

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