DJ Snake Releases ‘The Half’ Music Video

January 13, 2017


“The Half,” which features Jeremih and Young Thug, is yet another song from DJ Snake’s album Encore. DJ Snake recently released the music video for the dance song, and it is quite…interesting.

DJ Snake actually appears in the music video, which was surprising considering he was not in the video for his Justin Bieber collaboration “Let Me Love You.” Wearing a puffy gold jacket and sunglasses, he dances around an area filled with mirrors, lights, and scantily clad women. Jeremih and Young Thug also dance around, rapping their verses about drugs, money, and women and admiring the beautiful women surrounding them. The mirrors, resembling a fun house at a carnival, are a cool visual touch.

Though “Let Me Love You” has a much more special place in my heart, the chorus of “The Half” definitely evokes a need to get up and dance. With that being said, the song, with both its dance-inducing beat and lyrics, is sure to be heard on the radio and at parties everywhere.

-Nisa Ayral (@nisaayral)

Featured Image by Leslie Crow


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