BUKU: The House-Party Vibe Festival

December 10, 2016

As a frequent goer to concerts and festivals, I only really have one complaint about festivals: when they feel a bit too overwhelming. When there are too many great artists to see, too many people there, too many stages, etc. Sometimes it’s nice to have that smaller show feel, and that’s exactly what BUKU strives to be: the huge festival with great bands and acts that still maintains the house-party vibe. Just in case you’ve never been to a house show, as the name implies, it’s usually in a house (I kinda figured you would get that one!). But this also means there are a lot less people, usually a pretty small space, and a lot more of an intimate vibe. So BUKU festival aims to keep that small, intimate vibe just like you are at a house show, but with some serious acts! A really awesome concept in my opinion, and I feel like this is what really sets the festival apart.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, the first part of the lineup for next year was just announced. BUKU Music + Art Project is an annual two day music and arts festival that takes place in New Orleans every March. It’s held at Mardi Gras World (a warehouse where Mardi Gras floats are made!) and will take place in 2017 on March 10th and 11th. The festival held it’s first year in 2012, and has been expanding since then. The initial lineup was just announced, and I am honestly very impressed. From EDM that you usually think about when thinking of a music festival, to hip hop and rap, and even indie rock, the lineup is very well rounded. A few of my favorites are: Deadmau5, Zeds Dead, Sleigh Bells, Slushii, and Car Seat Headrest (one of my top artists of the year!). These are just a few of my personal faves, but there are plenty of other great artists, no matter what you are into. This past year’s lineup included acts like: Kid Cudi, CHVRCHES, Purity Ring and A$AP Ferg. That is a great mix and I only expect it to be even better for the 2017 BUKU.

Other than music, there is plenty of art to see and plenty of culture (or Kulture, as the fest organizers like to call it) to be immersed into. The art includes functional and interactive exhibits for everyone to enjoy, and the BUKUlture is a “celebration of the creative, funky subculture of New Orleans”. New Orleans is a super cool place with a great art community, and I feel like this festival is very reflective of that.

All and all, I think BUKU Music + Art Project is another great festival to look into if you are interested in heading to one next year. Between the emphasis on house-vibes, to a great mix of artists, and the balance with art and Kulture, I think it is a very well rounded festival that everyone is sure to enjoy!

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-Tara Howell @taraisntpunk

Feature image by Leslie Crow

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