B2B Mayhem: The Chainsmokers and Flosstradamus at The Hoxton

December 1, 2016

B2B Mayhem: The Chainsmokers/Flosstradamus at The Hoxton

How many DJs is too many DJs? The answer is there is never too many DJs. This was put to test this weekend at The Hoxton in Toronto, where The Chainsmokers, Flosstradamus, and others joined on stage to do an impromptu b2b set on Friday November 25th, 2016.

In case you don’t know what a b2b set is, it is short hand for “back-to-back” and is when two DJs preform at the same time.  Unlike the normal usage of “back-to-back”, this doesn’t refer to DJs playing one after another. The term comes from when DJs used to exclusively spin vinyl (a real talent, I might add!) and one DJ would spin a track, while another would find, and cue up the next track. When finding the next vinyl, the one DJ would turn away from the audience, thus being back-to-back with the other DJ they were performing with, so that is where the term comes from. Neat, isn’t it?! The term has evolved as technology has, and DJs will use their digital equipment and do the same thing. The DJs will perform at the same time, but not over top of each other, and don’t have to turn away from the audience. It is more of a back and forth between DJs. When referring to a b2b set, it can be stylized 2 different ways, as “The Chainsmokers b2b Flosstradamus” or “The Chainsmokers vs Flosstradamus”. Now back to the mayhem and madness!

The Chainsmokers and Flosstradamus really tested the limits of the b2b setup with all of the editions to stage. Flosstradamus (duo J2K and Autobot) and Slushii (American DJ and producer, Julian Scanlan) were doing some impromptu b2b work at The Hoxton in Toronto. The Chainsmokers then joined in after coming through after their performance at Air Canada Centre. After that mayhem was taking place, Shaun Frank (Canadian DJ, singer-songwriter and producer), Keys n Krates (Canadian electronic band), and Grandtheft (Canadian DJ, producer, and song-writer), plus a few more saw what was happening and decided to join in as well. Since it was an impromptu thing, there isn’t much great footage besides some Instagram videos floating around. From the few I could find, the sets were INSANE! That many great DJs all in one place vibing off each other and playing killer sets?! Sign me up! I just think this is another great example of so many talented people coming together to create great things, and having lots of fun while doing it!

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-Tara Howell @taraisntpunk

Feature image by Leslie Crow


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