Air & Style Brings Snow & Music to L.A.

December 5, 2016

Think that you need to venture outside of Los Angeles to see some quality snowboarding?  Well, think again (and thank Shaun White while you’re at it).

Even in February, right smack in the middle of winter, you wouldn’t expect to see any snow in warm weathered Los Angeles.  Yet, on February 18th and 19th, if you head anywhere in L.A., not seeing snow will be almost impossible.  This snow won’t be falling from the sky, though.  Instead, it will cover a monstrous 16-story jump that some of the best male and female snowboarders in the world will flip and fly down as they compete against one another for first place at Air & Style Los Angeles 2017, a festival brought to you by world-famous and legendary snowboarder, Shaun White.

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Yet, even if you’re not into snowboarding, have no fear because Air & Style isn’t just a snowboarding competition.  It’s also a music festival with, in true Los Angeles style, a killer line-up.  With their current chart-topping single called “Cold Water”, it’s only appropriate that Major Lazer is set to perform at the festival, along with Flume, Chromeo, YG, Louis the Child, Vic Mensa, XYLO, Powers and many more.  Throughout the two-day festival, festival goers will get to listen to the awesome music of these insane artists as they play on one of the two stages that are just feet away from the ramp where the competitors will show off how much air they can get and how crazy their skills are.

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Air & Style Los Angeles is the third and last stop in the Air & Style tour, which started in Beijing on November 18th and 19th, 2016 and will continue in Innsbruck, Austria on February 3rd and 4th, 2017 before making its way to L.A. to bring it all to a close.  As of now, after only the Beijing competition, Norway’s Marcus Kleveland is ranked at number 1 with a score of 100.  Close behind him are two Canadians, Sebastien Toutant, with a score of 92.45, and Darcy Sharpe, with a score of 85.73.  With 2 more stops left on this tour and with the risky and exciting stunts these athletes are attempting, these standings are sure to change by the time this is all over.

So, whether you’re a winter sports fan or someone who just enjoys a good music festival, Air & Space L.A. is a guaranteed good time for anyone looking to enjoy themselves this President’s Day weekend.  Packed with adrenaline from an exciting dose of competition, mixed with an extreme amount of talent, filled with a show-stopping music performances, and sprinkled with snow, this event is one of a kind.  Make sure you buy your tickets here, and get ready for the snow to make its way to Los Angeles.

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— Roxy Rappaport, @roxyrappaport

Feature Image by Leslie Crow

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