Hillary Clinton’s ‘Love Trumps Hate’ Concert Series

November 4, 2016

In attempt to win a few swing states, Hillary Clinton has constructed a concert series with musicians who support her campaign and want to encourage people to get out and vote. By planning the concerts around the time voting closes, they hope the message they are spreading will positively settle with those who are still in doubt about which candidate they are voting for in this election. In fact, there is a concert taking place every day this week, leading up to Nov. 8. The acts taking part in the musical events are well-known artists and, of course, well-known Clinton supporters.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have already tried swaying a large Miami crowd, but there is still more to come. There is a variety of music genres represented in the concert series, bringing in artists from many decades and turning people of all ages and music tastes in favor of Clinton.

Steve Aoki, for example, a DJ and producer, is bringing his EDM style to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Nov. 3. Aoki has taken to Twitter many times to show his support for Clinton, or, maybe more importantly, his disapproval of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Bill Clinton, former U.S. president and husband of Hillary Clinton, will make an appearance at this event.


Katy Perry has also taken to social media numerous times to share that she is standing with the Democratic nominee until the very end. She even dressed as Hillary Clinton for Halloween, as seen below.



Furthermore, there are scheduled performance from Jay Z, Jon Bon Jovi, Ben Harper, and Cher. Hillary Clinton is expected to attend Jay Z’s performance, which takes place in Cleveland. As we near the end of this strange yet exciting race for the White House, it seems candidates are doing everything they can to make sure the odds are in their favor.


-Nisa Ayral

Feature Image by Leslie Crow





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