We’re Falling For Timeflies and Their New Single “Gravity”

November 22, 2016

Timeflies, the duo known both for their own catchy songs and unique remixes of other people’s music, recently released “Gravity.” This single, succeeding their hits “Once In A While” and “Something Wrong,” is more on the electronic pop side.

The beginning of the song is rather soothing, with Cal Shapiro’s low, almost dream-like vocals drawing the listener in as he sings, “Scene change, new chapters, my jersey’s in the rafters / How I would’ve done it over, harder, better, faster / If I’m ghost, then I’m Casper, that’s why I call you ‘boo’ / This ain’t normally some type of shit I do.” This first verse builds up to the chorus, in which he questions whether it is gravity or the act of falling in love that is making him feel this way.

Rob Resnick, the DJ of the duo, provides a beat filled with synths that, while still being dance-inducing, go along with the ethereal feel of the song. As a whole, it’s light, calm and emotional.

Timeflies have made it clear that lyrics are extremely important to them; they do not want to produce subpar music merely for the sake of having a number one hit. To them, the message must always be prominent and strong. The second verse exemplifies this, stating, “Caught up in this moment, wonder if you notice / Girl, when I’m around you, I can’t even focus / When you’re not around, I feel down at my lowest / Will you catch me now or are you just as hopeless?” The emotional attachment he feels towards this woman becomes obvious as he portrays her as a lifeline of sorts.

It is becoming pretty clear that it’s not just gravity, and we are, in fact, falling in love with Timeflies. “Gravity” has already exceeded one million streams on Spotify. Listen here:

– Nisa A. (@nisaayral)

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