4ware: Deadmau5 Is Back

November 11, 2016

Deadmau5 is BACK. Joel Thomas Zimmerman, the Canadian electronic music producer, is back with a new track off of a BRAND NEW album. The track is called “4ware” and is off the album W:/2016Album (pronounced “W Drive 2016 Album”). The track was premiered on BBC Radio 1 with Pete Tong earlier this week, and is amazing. Before the song was premiered, deadmau5 talked a little bit about the song, and why the album is called what it is. When on a Twitch stream with fans, Joel raised the point that the masters of the album were going out that day, but he still did not have a name for the upcoming album. One fan suggested that he name the album after where it was saved on his network, thus, W:/2016Album was born. The new album will be released on December 2nd of this year (so less than a month from now!)

The sound of “4ware” taps into some older deadmau5 sounds, and is 80s sci-fi/fantasy inspired. Joel credits this sound to his new Prophet 10, which was the instrument/synthesizer that created most of the sci-fi/fantasy tracks of the 80s. It makes sense that he would produce a track with 80’s vibes because of this instrument. Even though Joel says the album will be a little bit different than previous releases, I can definitely hear and understand that it is a deadmau5 track and I have a lot of faith in the upcoming album. It’s a new sound, but also takes influences from songs like his 2008 track, “Faxing Berlin”. The track is more sophisticated, but still really enjoyable. The track is also instrumental, which I tend to really enjoy, especially for deadmau5’s music. Without vocals, you can really focus on the masterpiece of work that is the track. There are so many layers of music and effects, which really add up to create a stunning song. It sure does impress.

Deadmau5 busts back onto the scene with “4ware”, which his first new album release in two years. W:/2016Album comes after the 2014 release, while(1<2) which included singles “Avaritia”, “Seeya”, “Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer” and “Phantoms Can’t Hang”. It’s great to see deadmau5 back with a new release, especially after Joel discussing ending the deadmau5 project over social media in December 2015. W:/2016Album will be deadmau5’s 8th album release. And if this wasn’t exciting enough, there is a new deadmau5 tour on the way.

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-Tara Howell @taraisntpunk

Feature image by Leslie Crow

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