A Salute To Our Second Favorite “Taylor”: “Taylor Swift” Turns 10!

October 28, 2016

A Salute to Our Second Favorite "Taylor": "Taylor Swift" Turns 10!

Haaaappy Birrrrthday to Tay(lor)! Haaaapppy Birrrrrthday to Tay(lor)! …Okay okay, that’s enough, but a special occasion, such as this, deserved more than just an off-pitch Happy Birthday melody from me! Taylor Swift’s debut album, “Taylor Swift” just turned ten years old! As if that didn’t make me feel old, I have no fully accepted it, and will be heading to the nearest Target and procuring my cane, because time is flying by!

While I hesitate to just list off the name of each Taylor Swift song, and dive into just how special each song was, I thought instead, it would be fun to list each song, and give a brief description of where most all of our lives where at the time of the album’s debut. I apologize now, as this list may rehash memories that you thought that you would never have to re-visit, but you’ve stumbled across this article, so you now have no choice. Try to consider the following as…therapeutic; an emotional purge if you will. Dude, The Purge was so scary, and they’ve made like three of ‘em, and Halloween’s coming up so I am praying, I don’t see anyone with a creepy mask on, because I will automatically be thinking of tha…PULL IT TOGETHER NORM; WE’RE CELEBRATING TAYLOR RIGHT NOW! Back to the task at hand:

  • “Tim McGraw”

“Tim McGraw” was Taylor’s way of letting us know that while she may be labeled as a Pop artist, she keeps It country as well. This was the song that you asked your Mom to turn down the “Ja Rule Radio,” Pandora station down, to hear….and you never turn the “Ja Rule Radio,” down for anyone!

  • Picture To Burn

I mean, Carrie may have “Before He Cheats,” but Taylor brought the house down with this one, as well! You threw this one on, before you pulled up to Stacy’s house with the carton of eggs in your hand, after you saw her dancing with Tommy at the middle-school dance.

  • Teardrops On My Guitar

A Taylor Swift slow jam. Enough said; we were all in.

  • A Place in This World

The moment that we realized, that after this album dropped, with Taylor now taking over, there may not be a place for us, in it!

  • Cold As You

When you got to this song, you started a blog in solidarity with Taylor, because you couldn’t believe how much heartbreak she’d already been through by 18!

  • The Outside

You heard this one and immediately re-visited your journal to re-word everything you’d written down, because naturally….Taylor said it better

  • Tied Together With A Smile

At this point, you were back to tapping your pencil to the beat, with a cheesy grin on your face, yet also holding back tears at how unreal the album had been, already!

  • Stay Beautiful

It was when this song came on, that you threw away your mirror, and stuffed Grandma’s last cinnamon raisin muffin in your face hole, because Taylor had just re-affirmed what you’ve known all along…you just didn’t know that you needed to hear it from her.

  • Should’ve Said No

As if Taylor hadn’t already taken over your radio stations, now we have another offering to bless our ears?! You questioned everything after hearing this one. The only thing you didn’t question was how awesome this song was.

  • Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

At this point in the album, every “Mary” worldwide was Googling to see if Taylor was talking about them. Well friends, the truth is, Taylor had set out to initially name it, “Norman’s Song (Oh Yes Yes Yes),” but I knew how much this one would mean to the Mary’s, so I asked her to change it up. You’re Welcome.

  • Our Song

Last but not least, Taylor found a way to hit us over the head with an outro that hasn’t been seen, since the soundtrack to A Troll in Central Park! Seriously guys; re-visit this one for the best shower singing session since The Black Eyed Peas gave us, “Where Is The Love?”. This one holds all the way up.

And just like that, a star was born! Taylor Swift, the WeKnowTheDJ Staff would just like to take this moment to congratulate you, on this amazing milestone in your life (and ours)! Since you gave us “Our Song,” we gave you our article. WOOOOW that was cheesy! I have to get out of here…Tweet us @WeKnowTheDJ and let us know what your favorite song was from the album!

-Norman P. (@EarlyBird410)

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