Florence and Diplo: the Ultimate Duo

October 28, 2016

I’ll admit it, I LOVE Florence Welch. Major woman crush status. Florence is a musician, singer and songwriter, probably best known for being the lead singer of Florence + the Machine. Florence herself is so elegant, graceful, beautiful and well-spoken, let alone an AMAZING singer. Florence + The Machine has put out some incredible music (Kiss With a Fist, anyone?!). This woman cannot be stopped, and I am all about the girl power.

Now enters Diplo. World renowned DJ, producer, and songwriter. A part of both Major Lazer and Jack U, he’s involved with a ton of projects. In case you aren’t familiar, Major Lazer is a dancehall electronic band composed of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. Jack U is an electronic duo, made up of Diplo, and another great legend, Skrillix. And let me not forget to mention that he also owns his own record label, Mad Decent. Diplo is amazing at what he does in his own right, but also collabs with other great artists, and has created his own record label to allow people he believes in create their own music too.

Both of these artists are HUGE in the own right, but when you put them together, they seem unstoppable. I think this might actually be the ultimate collab in the DJ world. Florence isn’t new to the world of DJs and EDM. Previously, she was the vocalist on Calvin Harris’ track, “Sweet Nothing”. Everyone loved this song, and I swear it was stuck in my head for at least a month. With Calvin Harris’ catch backbeat and amazing drops, combined with Florence’s INCREDIBLE vocal range, it really is a stunner of a track.

It’s been a while since the release of this track, but have no fear, Florence is back in the EDM world with her vocal spot on Jack U’s song, rumored to be called “Constellation” because of the main line Florence sings. Diplo unveiled a part of the song live for the first time at a sold out show in Minneapolis a few days ago. A few sneak previews were shown on Diplo’s Snapchat in March, but this is the first time anything close to a formal announcement has been made. I couldn’t seem to find much other information besides this, but the track is made, it was at least partially debuted, and it should be coming soon!!! The song seems like a departure from the typical Jack U sound, but hey, it definitely isn’t in a bad way! I’m really excited to hear the whole track!!

Are you excited for this collab? What has your favorite DJ and singer collab been recently? Let us know on Twitter @weknowtheDJ!

– Tara Howell @taraisntpunk

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