The Chainsmokers and Halsey Leave No Room to Get Closer in Video Debut

October 28, 2016

If you enjoyed when Drew Taggart and Halsey got hot and heavy during The Chainsmokers performance of “Closer” during the VMA’s, you may want to check out the music video.

After much anticipation, and nine weeks at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100, the Chainsmokers have dropped the official music video for “Closer.” The video is directed by Dano Cerny and stars Halsey and Drew Taggart, the two voices featured on the track with brief appearances from Alex Pall, the other half of the Chainsmokers duo, in between many intimate shots of Halsey and Taggart.  While on the surface the video may seem to focus on sex and the end of a relationship, the main message of the video lies deeper than that.  It shows that good things don’t last forever and that there is more than one side to every story.

The story line of the video echoes that of the song, whose lyrics describe an encounter between two exes when they run into each other years after they’ve broken up.   The video starts with a scene of present day as Taggart, Pall, and a short-haired Halsey socialize at a party.  After Drew suddenly spots Halsey, we are transitioned to the past where we are introduced to the romantic relationship that they had with one another.  Scenes of Taggart and Halsey on a bed in their underwear are mixed with scenes of when they first met at a party and also the present, where they glance at each other across the rooms.  Present day seems fade out of the picture and we are left with steamy images of the two making out all over the party and in bed.

As Halsey’s verse begins, we are brought outside to a pool, where we get a couple quick shots of Pall interspersed with lots of affectionate touching, including a kiss (maybe a bite?) on the shoulder, between Taggart and Halsey.  Soon, we are brought back to the bedroom where Drew and Halsey engage in kissing and touching that is even hotter than before.  Yet, we are constantly reminded of the present as scenes from the current party they are attending are intermittently flashed.  The tension that currently sits between the two becomes increasingly apparent, and as shots of the two fighting in the past and sitting alone (and clothed) on a bed some time later, it’s clear to the audience that the relationship didn’t work out.

Scenes from the present start to take-over, as we watch Halsey walk out of the party.  Flashbacks of the two in their underwear, getting hot and heavy on a bed continue to pop up as Drew attempts to make-up his mind of whether to go after her or not.  The video ends with Taggart catching up with Halsey outside on the street as they share a look dripping with pain and uncertainty.

The “Closer” video brings to life that breakups often don’t end with a clean break.  It delineates the pain that comes from the end of a relationship, even when you know things weren’t working out.  It describes the attraction that continues to exist between two exes even years after the relationship is over.  It gives us a dialogue from a situation where people know they aren’t good for each other, yet can’t seem to stay away.

Rarely do we escape unscathed in a breakup.  The “Closer” video portrays this pain, and uses visuals from what appear to be good times from the past in order to justify this pain.  Although the video is, without a doubt, very hot, the message behind it is basically the antithesis and very not sexy.

Despite that, all people seem to be talking about is the hotness of Drew Taggart and the intensity of the scenes between him and Halsey.  This has translated into the video being an instant success, and at over 5 million views in a little over 24 hours, I think it’s time to say congrats to The Chainsmokers on yet another success.

Check out the video here:


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