Shawn Mendes IS The Life Of The Party

June 28, 2014


As many celebrities are taking a much-needed break or are out on tour becoming more of a powerhouse, the Magcon boys are doing their usual: posing for photoshoots, creating an endless amount of YouTube videos, tweeting as many fans as possible and…. singing? Shawn Mendes, a very beloved member of Magcon, has finally released his first single entitled, “Life Of The Party.”

With 16 covers posted on YouTube and numerous Magcon performances under his belt, including the popular and clever impromptu jam, ‘The Cameron Dallas Song,’ Mendes has girls swooning over his super cute smile and incredible vocals. Who could resist someone with such a charming personality and enchanting voice?

Released June 26th, “Life Of The Party” combines the perfect amount of heart and soul into a mixture of smooth vocals and falsettos. Debuting number one on iTunes, this single is proving even further that Shawn Mendes is on the road to major stardom. His twitter feed is currently flooded with love for “Life Of The Party,” and Shawn even Instagramed, and later tweeted, a photo of his number one spot captioned, “Words cant describe .. Thank you so much.” He obviously is feeling the out-pour of love for his music.

“Life Of The Party” is just the start for Mendes. Support him and his music by purchasing the single here and check out all of Shawn’s covers here. Share your love for Shawn Mendes and the rest of the Magcon boys @weknowthedj.

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)



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