PSY & Snoop Dogg Endure A Wild Hangover! Watch Here:

June 12, 2014


First he gave you the track to party to, now he’s back with a track for the recovery process… or perhaps more partying?

“Hangover, Hangover, Hangover,” is repeated at the start of the track, allowing a much lighter beat than PSY’s first hit, “Gangnam Style,” but nothing we can’t bop our heads along to. All too familiar with creating a catchy anthem, the music video captivates us from the start. With his comical dancing and slicked back hair, there isn’t much PSY held back in delivering this track.

Waking up from what we assume was an outrageous night out, PSY runs to recover in the bathroom as Snoop Dogg appears out of the bathtub. Just when we think the Korean pop star is done for, friendly encouragement from Snoop gets him back on his feet and ready to battle a hangover the only way it can be: more drinks! It’s not long after that they’ve got two older ladies joining them at a restaurant for shots. Many, many shots. Of course the party does not end there, as the festivities move to a pool hall where various dance routines are performed by PSY, Snoop and their two lady guests.

Already scaling up to nearly 45M views in 3 days we can’t help but wonder if we have the next summer hit playing in front of our eyes.

The track’s uptempo hip-hop beat continues with saxophone samples as PSY and Snoop leave mass destruction behind them wherever they go. Momentary breaks are due as PSY jumps in a green foundation for a swim while 16-time Grammy nominee Snoop raps, “I can’t stop, I can’t quit, I wake up in the morning and do the same sh**.”

Perhaps the most hilarious part of the video is captured when Snoop, PSY and their two lady friends from the restaurant are seen skipping hand-in-hand through an amusement park. A site never seen before, we’re sure of it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 4.03.29 PM

Last year while talking with The Sunday Times Magazine, PSY told them: “If I’m happy, I’m drinking, if I’m sad, I’m drinking. If it’s raining, I’m drinking, if it’s sunny, I’m drinking.” Naturally, being hungover is no occasion for him to stop drinking! 

If you’re counting on seeing PSY live anytime soon, why not make a trip to Seoul, South Korea? He’ll be performing at the City Break Festival on August 9th!

With PSY offering us yet another summer anthem, there’s no reason not to enjoy! However if you thought he was done with us so quick you’d be wrong. His next single “Daddy” is due to drop this summer so we advise you to stay tuned…

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-Sara Soulati (@SaraSoulati)

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