One Last Farewell: Allman Brothers Band announces final tour dates

June 5, 2014

originalIt’s official: the famed Allman Brothers Band will be hitting the road one final time this fall to say farewell. The music group, who began in 1969 and have since pioneered the way for southern rock to infiltrate the mainstream music scene, have announced their final tour dates. The dates are set to take place this October at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, a venue the band has performed at over 230 times.

Music has a lot to thank the Allman Brothers Band for. Along with creating a name for the southern music scene, the band played an extremely influential role on other significantly successful rock groups from the south – among them, the Marshall Tucker Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Not only has the band been certified one of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” by Rolling Stone in 2004, but they were also listed as having one of the “100 Greatest Albums of All Time” in 2005.


The Allman Brothers Band, 1979-1983

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and picked up the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. The group has released over 18 records and live releases and are lauded for their intense dedication to touring. Today, they are regarded as one of the greatest rock acts of their time.

The final live shows will take place October 21st-22nd, 24th-25th, and 27th-28th. These dates will follow a gig at New York’s Mountain Jam on June 8th, two shows at the Peach Festival in northeast Pennsylvania from August 14th-17th, and a performance September 7th at the Lockn’ Music Fest in Arrington, Virginia.

The news of these last dates comes amidst a turbulent year in the Allman Brothers Band fandom. The turmoil began when it was announced that Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes would be leaving the band at the end of the year. This was then followed by a statement claiming the entire band would be ending.

Such news was then reversed in May, when it was announced that Derek Trucks would be the only one leaving and a replacement guitarist would instead be found.

The band today

The band today

Alas, it appears as if the band has decided to throw in the towel after all. Though the rock and roll community can’t help feeling nostalgic over the ending of such a legendary group, music has been greatly gifted by the talents and creativity produced by the Allman Brothers Band. Whether the group as we know it truly does come to an end this October or not, their legacy will live on for years to come.

Are you planning to catch the Allman Brothers Band in NYC this fall?

-Shelley DeHekker (@shelleydehekker)

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