Olivia Louise tells us about “The Today Lady”

June 4, 2014

olivia in hat

And just so you know, I can keep on all of my clothes. And probably still look more sexy than Miley does.”

Those are just some of the lyrics from R&B singer Olivia Louise’s new single; ‘The Today Lady’ A song that describes how people look at females presently. The single comes as a follow up single to one of my favorite Olivia songs “Skin Deep”, which also spoke on women and their beauty.

Olivia teamed up again with producer Moteleola to produce the single which was released on her Soundcloud May 30. And it has since then received nothing but positive feedback.

The Tupac inspired song was a way for Olivia to express her feelings toward entertainers in the music industry and how they can sometimes degrade women. Being a mother herself, Olivia felt it was her responsibility to speak for her daughter and other young girls about their true worth and value.

Olivia uses examples like: Marvin Gaye. Singing ” Cause Marvin never did us like that, no Marvin never did us like that.” She also sang: “Cause Ms. Franklin never did us like that, No Aretha wouldn’t do us like that.” 

In her new single, Olivia is using lyrics to help us understand what some rappers, and even singers have done to our generation. She also is urging us to change it. On her Soundcloud she asks: “What happened to the music that inspired, appraised, and empowered women?

I can’t help but agree with her points. I think that it is important to raise female children to know that they should not be called/answer to ‘hoe’ or something worse. Making a stand and change, this track is something that should help fuel people and their attitudes on women in today’s world. I think this song couldn’t have come at a better time and is definitely worth a listen. You can check it out below!


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-Dominique H. (@nique1992)

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