The Music Behind Our Stars

June 12, 2014


What was the last really good book you read? Did it take your breath away? Did you get so wrapped up in its story that, at least for a moment or two, you forgot about all of your troubles?

That’s the great thing about reading: no matter what age you are, there will always be a book waiting for you to pick it up and read. There will always be a journey within a book waiting for you to experience. Between school, work, and all of our other responsibilities we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves, forget to take the time to read for fun, or maybe we’ve forgotten reading can be fun. Well at least, that’s what happened to me. I got so wrapped up in life’s constant schedule that I forgot reading has always been my true passion (well besides writing, of course). Now that I’ve graduated from college, I’ve found I have a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to finally download that book everyone has been raving about- The Fault In Our Stars.

I didn’t even bother reading the summary on Amazon before I downloaded it to my Kindle, because I knew if it was as good as everyone had said, I was going to enjoy it.

Boy, was that an understatement.

If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly suggest you do so. Or, if you’re not a reader, you should at least go see the movie (which came out June 6th if you were curious!) The author of the novel John Green (@RealJohnGreen) did such an exceptional job, he wrote a breath-taking, beautiful story.

I just got back from the movie, and I have to say that Director Josh Boone (@JoshBooneMovies) did an exceptional job as well. He really brought the book to life. And on top of that, so did the soundtrack!

I have to be honest, for the most part I usually don’t even notice the music during movies but for TFIOS, the music transitioned each scene perfectly.

If you’re like me and found yourself sitting in the theatre while the credits began to role, just to process what happened in the film, you’ll find Ed Sheeran has the ability to capture the book’s essence in a song.

So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet” I think this song has the perfect beat and tone, paired with the perfect lyrics for this story. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the soundtrack (or end the movie).

The TFIOS soundtrack is 16 songs in total, each have a way of uniquely bringing this story to life. For the most part (besides Sheeran) the featured artists aren’t mainstream. You’ve probably never heard of them before. But that’s okay, because I find it extremely refreshing.

Some of the other notable songs on the soundtrack are as follows-

1) Let Me In- Grouplove

Grouplove is an American rock band that formed back in 2009. This song is about waiting for someone else to let you in, while letting them know you are waiting for them for when they’re ready- the way Augustus does for Hazel. It’s the perfect song to describe Gus and Hazel’s first interaction.

2) All I Want- Kodaline

Kodline is an Irish rockband who made their first mark on the charts back in 2007 with their début single, ‘Give Me a Minute.” I believe this song was chosen for the soundtrack to express the pain that felt by the characters (I won’t say any more for the sake of spoiling the story for those of you who haven’t read the book yet).

3)      Boom Clap- Charli XCX

My personal favorite- this song is the essence of romance. It’s kind of relevant to how Hazel explains “I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once” BOOM! CLAP!- that’s what this song is expressing. Charli XCX is a British singer and songwriter. I guarantee this won’t be the only song of hers added to my iTunes tonight.

4)      Not About Angels- Birdy

Written specifically for the film, Birdy (another English singer and songwriter) truly captures all the emotions Hazel is suddenly forced to deal with. Yes, the story line is mainly based around love but it also features extreme pain and heartbreak, a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale for Hazel. This song has such a powerful meaning, making it a great addition to this soundtrack!

5)      Best Shot- Birdy and Jaymes Young

You can only find this song as a bonus track on the soundtrack, available on iTunes. “I’ll be here giving it my best shot, baby your love’s got all that I need.” In my opinion it’s the best way to understand the story without reading the best-selling novel. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace share such a deep, romantic, and passionate love; this song truly captures the beauty of their love.

If this hasn’t inspired you to read the book or see the movie then I don’t know what will. Find or make the time to do so because @RealJohnGreen wrote a truly beautiful story- everyone in the world should experience it.

You can find the entire track list from the soundtrack and the link to buy it here:

Tell us what you think about the soundtrack. Do you think they fit along with the story as well as we do? Send us a tweet at @WeKnowTheDj to share your thoughts!

Before I go, I just want to thank @RealJohnGreen again for writing such a beautiful story, and to @JoshBooneMovies for bringing it all to life, and lastly to @Season_Kent for being such a magnificent Music Supervisor – you gave the story a whole new meaning!


-Brittany Dybiec (@BrittanyElizzz)

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