Madison Beer Proves She’s Unbreakable

June 20, 2014


Back in September, Justin Bieber appeared in Madison Beer’s debut music video. Appropriately titled Melodies, the beginning of the video included Bieber warning viewers the track was a smash, practically guaranteeing Madison’s rise to stardom. Nine months later, Beer is proving she’s Unbreakable.


June 17 marked the beginning of Beer’s next step in the industry.

As the clock struck midnight, her second single appeared on iTunes and the track’s music video made its appearance on YouTube. Like any other teenager, the 15 year-old spends a significant amount of time on social media platforms. Her constant technological connection was definitely something taken into consideration while picking a single.


In an effort to promote a positive message through music, “Unbreakable” urges listeners to stay true to themselves. After all, it always gets better. The pop tempo attempts to lift anyone who’s ever felt insecure or broken—something everyone’s experienced at least once while growing up. Between hurtful comments on social media and the struggles during the transition from the teenage years to adulthood,  Beer uses “Unbreakable” to prove she’s extremely relatable.


The music video, posted below, includes scenes of the singer dancing on a horse ranch while struggling teens hold balloons, identifying their innermost thoughts. With messages like “I’m flawed,” “I hurt,” “Help me,” and “I cut” inscribed on black balloons, the singer tries to remind her fans that they are unbreakable.

As the track’s chorus arrives, Justin Bieber’s 15-year-old protégé sings, “We’re gonna ride through fire like we’ve never been burned/We’re gonna laugh out loud like we’ve never been heard/We’re gonna shout it out to the edge of the world/We’re unbreakable/You’re unbreakable.”

As Bieber’s only female artist, I have high hopes for Madison’s career as she matures and begins to find herself and her sound. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Justin Bieber-Madison Beer collaboration within the next year, especially as the two spend more time together. We’ve captured Madison and Justin in the studio together often over the past few months but just last week, label-mate Cody Simpson joined the two. Madison has named Cody one of her most recent obsessions, making me think a collaboration between the two will be happening some time in the future.

justin-bieber-madison-beer-twitterAs “Unbreakable” lays the foundation for the next step in Madison’s career, I’m anxious to see where this journey takes her. Once again, Bieber was right—Madison’s a star! I guarantee you’ll be seeing a lot more coverage of Madison Beer on so stay tuned! Do you love Unbreakable? Head over to to download the track then send us a tweet at @weknowthedj, we want to know what you think!

Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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