Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” delievers powerful messages

June 22, 2014


If somebody told Elizabeth Grant that by the time she was 28 she would have released her third studio album, she probably wouldn’t have believed them. Lana Del Rey released “Ultraviolence” on June 13, 2014. The track list is as follows:

1. “Cruel World”

2. “Ultraviolence”

3. “Shades of Cool”

4. “Brooklyn Baby”

5. “West Coast”

6. “Sad Girl”

7. “Pretty When You Cry”

8. “Money Power Glory”

9. “F—ed My Way Up To The Top”

10. “Old Money”

11. “The Other Woman”

Her style is typically abnormal and “Ultraviolence” is no exception. While her vocals are good regardless, her sound has a whispering aspect to every slow song as she strives to tell a story. Although her music is an acquired taste, she is certainly a unique singer. “Cruel World”¬†reminisces on the good times she had with a past lover and mourns the loss of that person in her life. “Ultraviolence” is a powerful number about¬†relationship abuse and the victim’s blindness to it with lyrics, “he hurt me but it felt like true love.” ¬†“Shades of Cool” addresses the wrong preconceived notion that looking and acting cool is all that matters.

Rey compares and contrasts the atmospheres and inspirations of her home in California and her hometown of New York through the songs “Brooklyn Baby” and “West Coast.” “Sad Girl” tells of an unapproved love, while “Pretty When You Cry” sympathizes with the loneliness a person feels after a breakup and his/her hopes for reconciliation. “Money Power Glory” talks about the world’s crazy obsession with superficial things and “F—ed My Way Up To The Top” emphasizes and sheds a light on female dominance. Seeming to be a response to the attitude of “Money Power Glory”, “Old Money” stresses that money can’t fulfill you no matter how hard you try. Lastly, “The Other Woman” covers the realization that everybody is and should be perfectly imperfect.

Check out the music videos for “West Coast” and “Shades of Cool” here:

Despite the negative reactions she has received in the past about comments she has made and having to live up to her “Born To Die” album, Rey has shown that she is not backing down. Having a brand new album to delight her “Gangsters” and her song “Once Upon A Dream” now featured in the Disney film “Maleficent,” 2014 is already set to do wonders for Lana Del Rey.

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-Lauren Fabiszak (@kidrauhlsjonas)

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