John Dough is Looking for Somebody

June 20, 2014

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Back in November, while scrolling through my Twitter followers (before I went viral—but that’s a different story for another day!) I came across the profile of someone with the username @RealJohnDough. Thanks to my job title, a majority of my followers are dedicated Justin Bieber fans or aspiring artists, the latter attempting to gain exposure. On that November night (probably while procrastinating on some homework), I gave John Dough’s music a chance and was instantly hooked. Later that week I featured him in an “Up and Coming” post which can be found at, if you missed it!

Seven months later, after forming a great working relationship with John Dough, I’m back with another update on the 19-year-old Canadian. It’s time for you to become familiar with the name and sound known as John Dough; I have a feeling you’ll be seeing his name everywhere pretty soon! First up? A brand new music video for a track titled “Looking For Somebody.” I’ve posted the video below so if you’re looking for a new summer jam, you need to check it out!

The four and a half-minute video, directed by Plain Sight Pictures, begins with a beat that automatically pulls you in as “John Dough Looking for Somebody” appears in front of a city skyline. The video was shot toward the end of April at The Bay Rooftop in Calgary. Canada’s unusually cold spring makes Dough’s wardrobe choice even more impressive, especially because the video was shot long after the sun went down.

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The track itself consists of an infectious beat and lyrics that will be stuck in your head for hours on end. For those of you who fall in love with the track, you can grab it on iTunes at Honestly, if you happen to attend a party where bossman DJ Tay James is spinning in the near future, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear “Looking for Somebody” blaring throughout the packed club.

I’m about to go watch the “Looking for Somebody” music video for the 100th time so it’s time for me to go. Hopefully it won’t be another 7 months before I’m back with another John Dough update. How did you like the “Looking for Somebody” music video? Is John Dough the newest artist on your iPod? Send us a tweet at @weknowthedj and let us know—we’re anxious to hear your thoughts!

Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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