Jay Z Adds Excitement to the New Beats By Dre ‘Jungle’ (Remix) Commercial

June 20, 2014


If you’ve been watching any of the World Cup matches on ESPN, you’ll have noticed the somewhat lengthy Beats by Dre commercial featuring several celebrities, including, Lil’ Wayne, Neymar Jr., Jozy Altidore, and many more. There are only so many ways to improve upon a commercial that already makes you motivated to make the most of your day, yet Beats by Dre found the remedy: have Jay Z rap for close to a minute on an already successful song.

The X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons’ remix to “Jungle” already had that sound that made you want to head over to your nearest sports retailer and pickup a soccer ball and practice juggling outside, but once Jay Z is thrown into the mix, you might as well just throw that Red Bull out, because you’re getting up to do something regardless! In the commercial, Neymar Jr. remains the focus for the majority of the TV spot, but not before we catch a glimpse of LeBron James, fellow Beats by Dre Sponsor. Lyrically, Mr. Z’s verse pairs flawlessly with the visuals, which include beautiful shots of Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro. When your commercials begin to share the same cinematography as many of the films in theaters today, you can bet you’re doing something right! While you are all familiar with Dr. Dre’s billion dollar deal with Apple, it comes as no surprise that his marketing team is top-notch, so we don’t blame you for wanting the new Beats headphones either! It’s safe to say, adding Jay Z to your commercial was an excellent business decision, proving that the Beats’ roster may in fact be deeper than Brazil’s World Cup squad!

Check out the Beats by Dre Jungle (Remix) commercial below, and be sure to tweet us @weknowthedj and let us know what you thought about both the commercial, and Jay Z’s verse. As always, have a safe and great weekend!

-Norman P. (@Earlybird410)

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