I Got That Summertime, Summertime Playlist

June 4, 2014


Temperatures are hot, and music is hotter! For as long as I can remember summer has always been about summer jams and where the next party is! And what is a party without the music. For years we have had some of the hottest music during the summer. And since summer is here, I am going to provide you a short playlist that you can’t go wrong with this summer!

1. ‘Summertime’ – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff.

What other way to kick off the playlist, than with a song named after the season?! Throwing things back a little, this song was released 1991 by Will and DJ friend Jazzy Jeff. The first single off of Will and Jazzys fourth studio album;  it won a Grammy in ’91 for best Rap Single, and spent a week at number 1 on US Hot Hip-Hop/R&B carts. The song and video completely exemplify summer. With a heavy percussion line starting things off and lyrics like:

“Summer, summer, summertime.

Time to sit back and unwind.”

There is almost no way that you would not want to kick back and hang out with friends and family. Whether at a party or a barbecue, this song belongs on the summertime playlist.

2. ‘Problem’ – Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

The second song on the summertime playlist is more recent. ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande is no doubt a hot track. Spending more than 5 weeks on the top of the iTunes chart and reaching number 2 on the US Hot 100 you can bet this song will be played at every party and club this summer. The jazzy sound, paired with the whisper of Big Sean, and the rap from Iggy Azalea make it practically impossible to not get up and dance. The anthem style song and video do not disappoint as we are hypnotized and do not dare to look away. And I know you have it memorized by now. 😉

3. ‘I Get Around’- 2Pac

Another throwback on the list, but a summer hit nonetheless is 2Pac. Pac released several hits in his day, but ‘I Get Around’ is hands down a smash! The video to the hit convey everything about summer. Enveloped in women around a pool you can see that the video has you ready for summer. Clad in bikinis the women are having a typical summer day, with 2Pac and his friends. Get ready to play this song around the pool with your friends and party no doubt.

4. ‘California Gurls’ – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg

And what is summer music without Katy Perry?! Katy is making the list with her chart topping single, which featured the old school classic sound of Snoop Dogg. This song was released summer of 2010 and is still popular today.  Remixed and played a clubs, it gets people pumped up in no time. With the video on the set of a game similar to Candy Land, the song and video are equally fun and playful. With the up-tempo beat and lyrics stating:

“California Gurls

we’re unforgettable.

Daisy dukes

Bikini’s on top.”

Making people get up and party, especially California girls this song needs to be played at every party this year.

Now that summer is here I hope that some of these songs make it to some of your beach parties, cook-outs, and club goings! They definitely belong there.

Did you song make the summertime playlist? What other songs do you think are perfect for summer? Let us know @weknowthedj

-Dominique H. (nique1992)

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