Everybody’s Talking About Jimmy Fallon and J. Lo’s Tight Pants

June 12, 2014


About their tight pants, they’ve got their tight pants on! Monday night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon re-visited his “Tight Pants” segment, this time bringing out someone who has been no stranger to tight pants over the years, Jennifer Lopez. You’d have to be a prevaricator if you told us you thought this segment was too silly, and turned the channel when she came on-screen, no one changes the channel on J-Lo.

The last time viewers were treated to a “Tight Pants” segment was with the hilarious Will Ferrell:

That clip now has over six million views, and I can only imagine what this one will reach, especially with “tight pants” and “Jennifer Lopez” in the same sentence! Throughout the video, Lopez challenges Jimmy as, “the only person who can wear tight pants in this town,” which leads to Jimmy leaving the stage having been defeated. One could not argue that Jimmy even had a shot in the first place!

Jennifer Lopez is poised to have a huge year, with the release of her new album A.K.A. on June 17th, as well as her upcoming role in NBC’s new police drama, Shades of Blue. Be sure to support Jenny from the block, and pickup A.K.A. next week. Also, enjoy her “Tight Pants” segment below and tweet us @weknowthedj to let us know how hard you laughed! As always, have a great weekend!

-Norman P. (@Earlybird410)

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