Ariana Grande: Master of Awards Show Performances

June 23, 2014

While the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs) are certainly a big f—king deal in Canada, music fans in other countries might not be so in tune with this televised award show. That being said, if you haven’t watched the performances and highlights yet, you need to. More specifically, one of the most notable performances from the MMVAs was undoubtedly rising star Ariana Grande.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner gave a fawning introduction to the “Problem” performance, and some much-needed references to the music video ensued. Dressed in her now iconic gogo boots and a silver sequined skirt and top, Ariana overwhelmed yet another audience with her colossal voice and feminine dance moves. During her performance, she also spent a good amount of time on fan interaction. And yes, her ponytail looked as fabulous as ever. The only thing missing from this performance was the inclusion of featured rapper Iggy-Iggs.

Just give it a watch for yourself:

Pretty great, huh? That right there is the product of a dedication to vocal rest and a ruthless rehearsal schedule. Yep, this girl is definitely going places. Arianators are pretty much sitting back in their recliners, twiddling their thumbs and watching as the rest of us catch on. If you’re wondering what’s next on Ariana’s schedule, look out for her new single “Break Free,” for which she will collaborate with Zedd.

~ Jenni Moore (@JenniferKayMo)


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