New 5SOS Song “Amnesia” Makes Way For Debut Album

June 29, 2014

Australian pop-rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer — made up of lead singer Luke, drummer Ashton, guitarist Michael and bass guitarist Calum — are gearing up for success.




If you really thought that 5 Seconds of Summer was a one-hit wonder, you better think again. On top of their recent release of “Amnesia”, the band’s first album 5 Seconds of Summer will drop in the U.S. July 22nd. (Countries such as New Zealand, England and Australia are able to buy the album already).

On Tuesday, June 24th, the band’s Instagram (@5SOS) posted a picture of Amnesia’s lyrics with the caption:

“This is the only track we haven’t written on the album. It’s a standout for us because it was so incredible to write with the Madden Brothers in the past, and they had this song they wrote a while ago but couldn’t find anyone it suited… The song has so much meaning. It’s one of those songs that’s really heartfelt on the album, and it’s really special to us as a band.”
(The Madden Brothers refer to Benji and Joel Madden from the band Good Charlotte.)


The Twitter hashtag #5SOSAmnesia sparked instant excitement about the guys’s newest hit and rose to the #1 trend the day the track was released. @Franticxcal tweeted “#5SOSAmnesia honestly one of the most heart felt emotional songs ever! Can’t stop listening to it.” And @MayCliffordSOS said, “I love Amnesia so much and I don’t even have someone to dedicate this song [to]”.

In contrast to their radio smash “She Looks So Perfect”, their new song “Amnesia” is quite somber. The tune longs for something to wipe away the pain that remains from a long standing but failed relationship. Listen below to hear the track for yourself:



Since 5SOS fans have been patiently waiting for a full-length album, they have also been tweeting the trend #FinallyA5SOSAlbum as a ‘thank you’ to their favorite guys. U.S. fans can currently pre-order 5 Seconds of Summer on iTunes or Amazon.

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-Lauren Fabiszak (@kidrauhlsjonas)

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