Summer Just Got Many Shades Cooler

May 30, 2014


Who needs Summertime Sadness when your summer could actually get many Shades Cooler, with Lana Del Rey’s new single. As usual, Lana has transported us into an alternate universe with her single, “Shades of Cool,” off her upcoming album, Ultaviolence.

Lana is known for her mystical music, and “Shades of Cool,” keeps to her typical, daunting, sound. “Shades of Cool,” gives off a vibe that sounds like it could be a movie track. The song discusses a perfectly invincible man that seems to be Lana Del Rey’s ideal. There is always something fantastically creepy about Del Rey’s music and “Shades of Cool” is very persistent to her usual music taste.

Take a listen to “Shades of Cool” and let us know @weknwothedj what you think of it. Be sure to order Lana Del Rey’s album on iTunes here, which is expected, June 17th.

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)



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