Rising Star: Tech Rymes – “Let Love Feed The Fire” (VIDEO)

May 21, 2014

We covered Tech Rymes’ (@TechRymes) last lyrical offering “Sober Up” back in March and even then, we knew the simple, yet masterful, structure of the track would lead the Toronto-based hip-hop artist on to a huge future.

Back with another offering, Rymes (real name Tobi Ajibolade) reverses the theme entirely with “Let Love Feed The Fire”. This time, it’s all bout the positivity and… We love it!


Written entirely by Rymes, with a melody composed by a member of Toronto-based EGAA group, “Let Love Feed The Fire” burns with absolute optimism. The gorgeously upbeat and elegant lyrical stream Rymes delivers melds effortlessly with the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations we see taking place in the video. All smiles, everyone united with one mission; to have fun and forget about our battles, as one.

“They breathe and bleed, they sneeze and plead for peace, just like me” Rymes sings.

Filmed in Waterloo, Ontario, and shot by 4379 Productions, the video’s overall sense of freedom and unity mirrors the positivity and brightness of the lyrics “Poor souls may try to hate us, let love feed the fire baby“.

Speaking about the track, Rymes told us “The most important part of the song is the message I’m trying to convey. “Let Love Feed The Fire” is an important concept humans need to embrace. To love our differences and not only accept others, but welcome them”  he said and added: “I wanted to bring people of all backgrounds together because I know when we get to the core of humanity, we can all relate to one another”.

At the end of our conversation this morning, Rymes said to me: “Thanks Lucy. I work hard at this music thing.”  and he’s not kidding.  Not only is Rymes delivering a level of optimism rarely seen in mainstream hip-hop with the vocal chops and lyrical genius of a veteran, he also has charisma by the bucket load.

“Flow coming from the heart like an artery” – Rymes’ focus is on honesty and equality. Add that to the gorgeously upbeat atmosphere of the entire track and you realise this is a new sound that reaches far beyond any prime influences – this is a clever man with the right vision for the future.

“The people are getting smarter, revolution is underway”.

We know there’s a fantastic future ahead for Tech Rymes. Check out his website at www.techrymes.com

– Lucy Jenkins.


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