How To Be A Pop Star

May 2, 2014


After the season finale of a popular singing competition, the winner always seems to just… disappear. The saying ‘five seconds of fame’ has never been more accurate. The question on everyone’s mind is, what does it take to be one of the few that doesnt disappear? How do you be a pop star?

The truth is, there is not, nor will there ever be, a book titled ‘Guidelines To Being A Pop Star.’ Even if this book did exist, I don’t think everyone could become a star. The reason that so many competition winners seem to drift off is because they don’t have it. This ‘it’ is not something definable. Many say it has to do with the charism each pop star contains. No doubt a charismatic attitude is necessary to make it in the business, but some things are just hard to put your finger on.

Take Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus for example. These two young, confident, and capable stars don’t take crap from anyone. They stand up for what they believe in and leave everything else out of it. Being a pop star takes courage and persistence. Just because you’re an incredible singer, doesn’t mean you can be a professional singer. So many people nowadays look at fame and believe that they could be famous. The outer shell of fame looks glamorous. The money, cars, houses, famous friends, millions of crazed fans, all seems incredible from the outside. If you peer inside, you’ll see how taxing being a star really is. The constant torturing and prodding never seizes. Not a day goes by where hatful messages aren’t sent out or mean comments are posted. It takes a special type of person to endure the inner workings of fame and fortune. I completely believe that a person is born with the personality of fame. This personality is why some people become more famous than others; they don’t have enough of it.

If you were to ask me how to be pop star, I would say that you need to have courage. You need to have the capability to turn the other cheek and stay on the right path. It’s the outside sources that ruin stardom. I don’t think anyone can just walk into fame. Failure is inevitable, but it’s the way you handle it that matters. Stars take on life with grace and positivity. Use fame to your advantage and help those in need. People like to see stars using their power for good. Also, be friendly, kind, and leave a good first impression. A first impression will make or break you. Every performer should use their itto compel others to pursue their dreams too. It’s your dreams that will push you be better and fulfill your greatest desires.

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-Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)


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