Patent Pending Just Made My Future A Little Brighter.

May 20, 2014

Recently, and for many reasons I shall spare you the details of, I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. With life becoming less and less harmonious, even I, with my blithely optimistic attitude, was beginning to buckle under the weight of a sinister dark cloud of pessimism.

Music has always been my companion through good and bad times, but even the most trusted old sonic friends were failing me, often only serving to indulge my dramatic mood – Soungarden, Jake Bugg, Bob Dylan and Dvořák all relentlessly encouraging my unwillingness to snap out of it.

But, as is often the case, you do sometimes find there are people who have been through far worse than you and have come out the other side with their luminosity still intact. Bright beacons of light who wake you up again and point you in the right direction.

In my case, a friend with those exact attributes pointed me towards American pop-punk band Patent Pending and their brilliant album “Brighter” – the title track of which, has now become my “stop whinging and get on with living” anthem.

Patent Pending hail from New York and consist of Joe Ragosta, drummer Anthony Mingoia, guitarist Marc Kantor, guitarist/vocalist Rob Felicetti, and bassist Corey DeVincenzo and like most amazing bands people show me, or I discover, I missed the boat when it came to them touring the UK.  However, it seems we Brits love a bit of contagious pop-punk humour and their following here is massive!

Little wonder, really, when you listen to the album “Brighter” with it’s uninhibited fusion of upbeat, pop funkiness coupled with fun lyrics. You cannot listen to this album and still be holding onto negative feelings by the end of it – it’s impossible, I’ve tried!

The track-count is healthy on this anarchic little album – 12 tracks in all, ranging from ballads – such as “Brighter” – to the hilarious “Hey Mario”, a tribute, if you will, to the great little plumber we all know and love and his unrequited love for the princess. However, Patent Pending hold no prisoners here; they’re having a laugh but they’re quite serious when they sing “Hey Mario! Get your sh*t together, Hey Mario! Or you’ll chase this bit*h forever”.

Those lyrics had me crying with welcome tears of laughter!

Prior to “Brighter”, Patent Pending have dealt with issues such as suicide, and rather than skirting around the problem, communicated through their lyrics the notion that you’re not alone and there is always hope – as can be heard on a previously released track “One Less Heart To Break”.  But, they ALSO made damn sure this latest album was all about recovering and realising that there’s so much to live for. They urge you through their whirling dervish of joyful rapping, amazingly strong vocals, piano playing, bass-thumping ensembles to stay positive!

And that, is exactly what they have inspired me to do. “The light at the end is brighter than it used to be”  and whenever I just want to dance like a crazy fool, smile and let go of the world for a minute, Patent Pending are who I’m turning to.

Their latest album “Brighter” is available worldwide on iTunes.   Follow @PTPGOfficial for updates on appearances at gigs in the US.

-Lucy Jenkins.



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