The King & President of Pop Unite For “Love Never Felt So Good”

May 19, 2014

The new Micheal Jackson slash Justin Timberlake single “Love Never Felt So Good” may sound like your typical, enjoyable MJ tune, but upon further consideration, it turns out that this song is more than just enjoyable – it’s meaningful too! The track, which is the first track from MJ’s newly released album “Xscape,” dropped two weeks ago with no publicity or hype at all. The well-received song is danceable and light, featuring crystal clear vocals by both MJ and JT. The song’s vibe is celebratory of the past, and highlights how it has impacted the present Pop music scene with JT as its president.


Ever since Micheal Jackson’s tragic death in 2009, the world (or at least Jimmy Fallon) has dubbed JT the “President of Pop.” While many of you may scoff at the idea that MJ could be replaced, Justin Timberlake makes it clear in the music video just how humbled he is to be in a music video with the fallen king. Shiny new shots of Timberlake singing into the camera are sliced in with old clips of MJ’s iconic dance moves and signature stylistic choices. JT fashions a Micheal-esque jacket, and only mirrors Jackson in silhouettes and poses. He does not try to imitate Jackson’s moves or choreography – he lets MJ shine in his rightful place. Much like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” the video also features many people lip psyching and dancing joyously to the song, emphasizing the positive impact that good music can have on people.

But why did it take so long for Micheal and Justin to collaborate on a song, one might ask?  We are going to direct your attention to Oprah Winfrey for that answer. In the  season premiere of the OWN Network TV series Master Class, Justin Timberlake was “master” for the week. In one of the interview segments, JT explains what went down with the ‘Nsync song “Gone,” which was originally intended for Micheal Jackson.

WATCH: Justin tell his Micheal story from the OWN network’s Master Class.

Micheal’s influence on the music industry has no bounds, and has certainly played a significant role in the careers of younger artists like Timberlake. “Love Never Felt So Good” is just one example of how Micheal Jackson has influenced music, dance, and the music video. That’s why we are thanking our lucky stars for his new album “Xscape.”

~ Jenni Moore (@JenniferKayMo)

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