What If Justin Bieber Stopped All Social Media?

May 19, 2014

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Twitter, Instagram, Shots, Tumblr, Vine… all gone. Imagine if Justin Bieber completely removed himself fromĀ all social media platforms. The automatic thought would be a mass meltdown by thousands of girls, but if you dig a little deeper, it might not be so bad.

Bieber is known for his pure addiction to social media of all kinds. Ten Instagram posts a day, on top of tweets directed towards his beloved fans and a selfie or two on shots, Bieber is not only king of music, but the king of social media. Beliebers would be completely horrified if their Justin were to stop posting the infamous shirtless selfie or sexy tattoo shot. Taking away social media might be better than it sounds, though. To me, “taking a break,” and “relaxing” means completely secluding yourself from the outside world. We all know Justin’s definition of rest and relaxation is working because that’s his therapy.

If for one year, Justin held his postings to a minimum, only posting when it’s extremely necessary, his serious attitude towards music would be taken more seriously by his peers and potential fans. The second his new album would drop, he would hop back on to the social media train. Leaving new fans, and even some haters, shocked and impressed, Justin would put his music on all social media after his break making much more than the fandom blow up. There is always a possibility that on break Justin could keep a blog. Appropriately named “Journals,” the blog could be a weekly journal post updating fans on what he did that week, what he listened to that week, clips of songs, and special photos. Fans would wait for his weekly post, creating more of a buzz around Justin and his upcoming music. This blog would be Justin Bieber’s own version of social media.

At the end of the day, Justin Bieber doesn’t need social media, social media needs Justin Bieber. He cultivated what is known as a fandom. Now everywhere you look, a new fandom is popping up and obsessing over the next best thing, even though we all know nothing will ever top Justin Bieber and his clan of Beliebers. While I don’t foresee Justin shutting down his activity on the hottest social media sites anytime soon, it could seriously improve how people see and react to him. Justin has the skills to blow the haters away and soon enough that will happen. During the waiting period, let Bieber have his space to create. Give him the breather he deserves to enhance his musical potential. Sometimes the odds may be against him, but he always manages to take a challenge head first.

If you have an opinion on Justin Bieber shutting down his social media activity, let us know @weknowthedj. We would love to hear your thoughts on Bieber changing up the game and doing something a little different.

– Sophie Pipitone (@sophiepipitone)


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