Justin Bieber looks for new sound in “Looking For You”

May 30, 2014

If the world needs any reminding, Justin Bieber is coming back and will be better than ever. The phemoneon once again posted a new song to his soundcloud the night of May 29th, entitled – “Looking For You” with a collaboration from the hip-hop group Migos. Bieber has since deleted the song off of his Soundcloud, but still kept up other posts: “You Want Me”, “Hard 2 Face Reality”, and “We Were Born For This”. However, “Looking For You” is the best new song Bieber has released so far, even prompting his Beliebers to start the 2nd trending world topic on Twitter with “#lookingforyou”.

Within the trend, Beliebers had nothing but positive feedback and excited hopes for their superstar. @thatjileyrauhl wrote, “Thank you for this amazing new song ‘Looking For You’, it’s amazing @justinbieber. I love you” while, @noflawbieber tweeted #lookingforyou [is] literally perfection his new album is gonna slay”. Many expressed how they couldn’t stop listening to it, like @belieber4niall who said the song was “bout to be on repeat in biology and the rest of my classes” , and @JustinSlayedYaa sweetly stated, “Makes me happy to see people showing positivity toward #lookingforyou it deserves recognition”.


Unlike the past, “Music Mondays” in the era of Bieber’s iTunes-only “Journals” album, his stints on Soundcloud prove that the 20-year old Canadian is experimenting with different musical styles and isn’t all about the money. Instead, he’s looking for the approval of his fans on his new ideas to keep him going. With the smooth sound of Bieber’s voice on the track and the instant ear-worm it is, it certainly looks like he’s headed in the right direction.

Bieber sings the lyric, “let everybody know that I’m here tonight.” Letting the doubters know that he’s here to stay. As for us here at WeKnowTheDJ, we will be “looking for” a smash album with a world tour to soon follow.

What did you think of “Looking For You”? Are you excited for JB’s new music? Let us know by sending us a tweet @weknowthedj.

-Lauren Fabiszak (@kidrauhlsjonas)

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