G0LDEN G’s “CREDITS” (Dir. Ryan Butler) Concludes The Fanshawe Series

May 1, 2014

Shot by @robratzphoto and directed by Ryan Butler, G0LDEN G’s remix of Drake’s “Trophies” is a credit to all involved.

Unlike the first two in the Fanshawe series “5am” and “Too Much”, which focused on the struggle of maintaining a superior level of attainment in grades whilst your peers are partying, “Credits At Fanshawe” is a celebration of the reward of that consistent hard work.

With “Credits”, Gerome Nash (AKA G0LDEN G) has taken Drake’s “Trophies” and dare I say it, improved upon it! By contrast to the original, this remix has a boisterous energy fueled by the hype in Nash’s earnest, reflective attitude. “I don’t need nothing more than that…credits”  he raps with a broad smile. All the way through, he’s dropping slick verses like he’s been in the game for two decades already.

Nash has always been comfortable in front of the camera, and “Credits” is no exception.


 Director Ryan Butler and G0LDEN G working on the first in the Fanshawe series; “5am”

Focusing on pure human emotion is one of Butler’s key strengths. He has proved time and time again that he doesn’t need frantically paced editing or big explosions to tell the story. He simply connects the artist with the audience, and it’s extremely effective.

Both Nash and Butler have a formidable work ethic and have known all along that in order to be the best, they not only have to work hard, but work harder than anyone else. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the game.

“If you’ve heard my first and second  then you know with this I’m  flawless man”  raps Nash. He certainly is, and in my opinion, each new remix installment of this Fanshawe trilogy has improved upon the one before it, which indicates that the making of the series has been an education in itself and everyone involved is pushing for perfection.  When Nash’s soulful, melodic voice delivers the line “So remember who was rapping” he’s saying remember who represented Fanshawe –  and we can’t help but feel that here is an artist in the making who will soon be unforgettable.

Congratulations on your graduation G0LDEN G and Ryan Butler! We’ve loved the Fanshawe series at WeKnowTheDJ and we know you both have a successful, rewarding career ahead of you.

This is only the beginning…

-Lucy Jenkins.


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