Eminem’s Public Apology

May 19, 2014


This year, Sunday May 11th was all about moms. People all around the country spent the day cherishing the most important women in the world. Marshall Mathers, more commonly known to the world as Eminem, gave his mom a very personal gift this Mother’s Day. While most children gave homemade projects and handmade cards, Eminem wrote a song and released a music video for mom Debbie Mathers as a public apology. Em teamed up with fun. frontman Nate Ruess and director Spike Lee for the “Headlights” video and in true Eminem style, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The video, posted below, has racked up over 11 million YouTube views in the past five days and has sparked just as many emotions. The “Headlights” video is told from Debbie’s point of view as she reminisces about Eminem’s childhood, writes him a letter, pours a few too many drinks and attempts to reconnect with her son. The five-minute clip revisits Eminem’s troubled childhood and focuses on the struggle of being raised by a single mother suffering from an addiction problem. A life of poverty and substance abuse resulted in his mother losing custody of his 8-year-old brother Nathan—a situation that’s described through visuals and incredible lyrics.

It’s no secret that Eminem is a lyrical genius—his verses can make anyone think—and “Headlights” is no exception. Nate Ruess singing, “Mom, I know he’s not around, but don’t place the blame on me, as you pour yourself another drink,” magnifying the cracks in the mother-son relationship. With “Never thinking about who what I hurt, in what verse, my mom probably got it the worst,” Eminem apologizes for feeding into their estranged relationship by speaking badly of her in verses. As the track ends, the most important lesson is brought to light as Em raps, “Regardless I don’t hate you ‘cause Ma, you’re still beautiful to me, ‘cause you’re my mom.”

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Meg C. (@meganciampo)

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