What Is #EGAA ? We Meet G0LDENG To Find Out!

May 22, 2014

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Rising Star: G0LDEN G – Artist With A Passion, Founder With A Dream.

Recently, we’ve posted articles about two up-and-coming hip-hop/rap artists @G0LDENG and @TechRymes – both of whom hail from the Toronto-based collaborative group, #EGAA .

G0LDENG’s cover of Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” received over 34,000 likes on Instagram from a snippet of the song alone!

But what is EGAA? We talked to its creator, the extremely talented rapper, singer and songwriter Gerome Nash (AKA G0LDENG) to find out.

G0LDENG has written over 150 songs, and, having undertaken script writing classes in college alongside fellow student Ryan Butler – whose films have been covered on WeKnowTheDJ – has directing and screen writing abilities.

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An A-Grade student, G0LDENG directed his first music videos “Real” and “Black Magic 2.0” in 2012 in England with isync world films.

#EGAA  is an acronym for ‘Eager’ and stands for Eager, Genuine Aspiring Artists. The name was decided upon after G0LDENG met friends and eventual teammates who’s persona’s started with E, and two more A’s.

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E.G.A.A is also a double entendre, as each member the rapper met also seemed “eager” for success – E1stein, G0LDEN, A-fos and Audaci were all people who were:

Eager to succeed.

Genuine good people.

Aspiring in artistic goals.

Artists of a craft.

“I created #EGAA when I was 17, and what started off as four performing members has now grown to about 10. I was a shy, closed off kid who became a leader. I was often bullied in my young years, but used my musical talents to rise above the past and gain respect from nearly all my peers.” G0LDENG told us.

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So why the name G0LDENG?

“When I was 10 my Grandparents came to visit on one of their regular trips from England and gave me a solid gold necklace. The gold pendant was a G, because my name Gerome, (most commonly spelt Jerome), starts with a G. So I decided If I ever was going to rap something, or even try… I would call myself “The Golden G” and later, “G0LDEN G”. I had to make it significant though. The last thing I wanted was people thinking my G stood for “Gangster”. I created a complex alternative in my mind; That “G0LDEN G” represented my individuality as a person, the ability to command respect from others and for myself. It wasn’t going to be just a name for me, but an alternative ego, one that could help me become more confident in myself and my abilities and eventually gather and lead those who do the same.”

What was the aim of creating the collaborative?

“I wanted to help my friends, and other fellow artists network and create a circle of people they could work with to benefit and help achieve our goals together. Together people are strong. Many collaborations and events that have happened, would have never happened for the people involved, if it wasn’t for this idea.” he told us.

Much like Tyler the Creator of Odd future, G0LDENG is the “creator” figure of EGAA.

The rapper went on to say: “The passion, I see in each one of the members of the group is what makes it easy to make music with one another.”

What motivates and inspires you to be great?

“As an individual artist, I describe rapping styles much like martial arts; knowing one style is great, but once you study all styles and flow structures, you can start to become that of a legend, someone who people look up to. This is why I have studied flow structures and lyricism thoroughly and vigorously, to a masterful level and bring different rap styles continuously in my songs. It is often said by members of the crew “You never know what G is going to do on a track”. fellow rapper and EGAA member KidBu has referenced me as a “Lyrical Genius”

In the video for “Something I Want To Tell You” G0LDENG demonstrates his extensive knowledge in flow structure and style switches when rapping

What separates you from the rest of the up and coming rappers out there?

“As a previous sufferer of depression, music saved my life and gave me the ability to show the world what I can do. Almost every time I perform with rapping people immediately notice I stick out from the rest. I put my very heart and soul into my music, and you can learn a lot about me from listening to it. I also do all genres of hip hop, ranging from up beat bangers, to slow love songs. The zero in my G0LDEN G name references that I am the one and only, and there is none other like me. My individuality is what my name “G0LDEN” is all about as Gold is a rare mineral.”

 The Final installment of the ‘Fanshawe’ series – “Credits at Fanshawe” (check out the first two here and here)

Rare indeed! As a genuinely gifted songwriter and rapper, G0LDENG is completely focused on his future and his love for his craft is driving him forward with such determination we know the world will soon know exactly who he is!

Make sure to subscribe to G0LDENG’s YouTube channel  to see more from this amazing artist and follow @G0LDENG for updates.

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-Lucy Jenkins.




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