“Dont Stop” Just Yet! Pre-order 5 Seconds of Summer’s New Single!

May 1, 2014

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WeKnowTheDj reported on 5 Seconds of Summer’s debut single “She Looks So Perfect” a few weeks ago and couldn’t be proud of the boys’ success! Aussie natives Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood took America (and the world for that matter) by storm with their debut single, and now it’s time for MORE new music!

Just days after wrapping their first headlining tour in the US, 5 Seconds of Summer announced that they’re newest single, “Don’t Stop,” is next! If you follow 5SOS on Instagram at @5SOS (which just passed 1 Million followers btw), you would’ve noticed that the boys were dropping hints on the new track before the official announcement. They first gave us a black “Don’t Stop” edit, and if you are like me, you thought that it was just your average motivational edit for the day, which is common in the world of Instagram. The next day they gave us a stop sign with a spray painted X and “Don’t” written over STOP (clever, eh?). And the official announcement was made the next day by way of an Instagram video. With a sombrero dangling from their nether regions, each of 5SOS (excluding Ashton because he opted for a cymbal. He IS a drummer so it fits) took turns announcing “Don’t Stop,” and the 5SOS fam contained ZERO excitement!

Since the official announcement was made, the 5SOS boys have literally been blowing up Instagram with sneak peeks of “Don’t Stop” with posts ranging from the lyrics of the song to sound bites of each of the boys vocals.

Unfortunately, “Don’t Stop” will NOT be available in the US, Canada, or Mexico, (I swear music artists who are not originally from America has a hidden agenda when it comes to releasing music. WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE SUCH MISTREATMENT?! But that’s neither here or there.) but Michael has assured us that those three countries will have their own announcement in the coming weeks.

“Don’t Stop” will contain so much new music that you won’t know what to do with yourself, I guarantee it! The new tracks will include songs named “Rejects”, “Wrapped Around Your Finger”, and a brand new version of “Try Hard” (which is my personal favorite ¬†from the 5SOS boys). “Don’t Stop” is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW (except for the US, Canada, or Mexico, because we’re hated. Kidding, kidding) on iTunes and will officially be released on June 15th! So if you haven’t pre-ordered “Don’t Stop” already, seriously what is wrong with you? DO IT.

To be caught up with 5SOS (because they’re a constantly on the move) make sure to follow them on all types of social media. Instagram and Twitter can be found at @5SOS while Facebook is at 5 Seconds of Summer. Just look for the blue verified check mark, okay? Follow each of the boys on twitter at @Luke5SOS, @Ashton5SOS, @Michael5SOS, and @Calum5SOS. You can sign up for the boys’ newsletter on 5SOS.com, so do that, too!

And if you live in Australia, 5 Seconds of Summer has returned HOME for their There’s No Place Like Home Tour, and it’s currently underway! Make sure to go buy your tickets and go see these boys live! You won’t regret it!

5 Seconds of Summer is rapidly becoming the band that everyone wants to see, and I’m positive that “Don’t Stop” will increase the international success of the 5SOS boys even more!

-Blake M


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